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How is religion in China?


What kind of religion in China?</a>

Initially, since the proclamation of the People's Republic of China, members of her government belonged to atheists.

The peak of atheism occurred in 1966, the time of the "Cultural Revolution": radical youth destroyed churches and tried in every way to root out religions.

The situation softened in the 1970s, and religious freedom was introduced, which continues to this day.

In the PRC, a fifth of the world's population lives, so it is logical that there is far more than one religious movement developed here.

More than half of the inhabitants of modern China believeThemselves atheists - an obvious result of the "Cultural Revolution". However, to real atheists - those who do not believe in any religion, do not celebrate religious holidays and do not observe the customs, only 15% of the population are. For most of the inhabitants, especially those living on the mainland, religion occupies a significant place in life.
In 1978, the PRC adopted a constitution thatIs relevant to this day. In its 36th article it is written that every citizen has the right to freedom of religion of religion. At the same time, the destroyed temples, especially the Buddhist and Taoist temples, are starting to rebuild, this highlights which religions are predominant in China. However, do not forget that along with Buddhism and Taoism, other religions are developed in the PRC: Confucianism, Islam, Christianity, including Catholicism.

Catholicism has been actively penetrating into China over the past 20 years - there are now more than 5 million Catholics. During this period, the Bible was published in Chinese, its circulation was 3 million books.

Buddhism in China

Buddhism came to the PRC in the I century, during the reignThe Han Dynasty. At first this religion was alien to the local people, but over time it borrowed some ideas of Chinese philosophy and by the 9th century it was firmly rooted in China. If we talk about which of the religions in the PRC is now the most popular, then this is certainly Buddhism. More than 30% of the population follow the Buddhist faith, and this figure is constantly growing.
Buddhism considers the main religion in China. Over time, the number of followers not only increases, but also the attention of society. The country has built thousands of temples, monasteries and schools of Buddhist orientation, all of them are united in the Buddhist Association of China.

Khan Buddhism is one of the largest religious movements in the world. In the PRC, 8,400 temples are built, in which more than 50,000 monks of Han Buddhism adhere.

Taoism is a kind of Chinese folk religion

For several centuries, the Chinese had a hugeThe number of religious traditions and customs, in their unification they call the Chinese people's religion. As a rule, this current consists in worshiping various natural, clan and national deities: spirits, heroes, dragons and ancestors.
By the VI century the largest branch was formedPeople's religion - Taoism, its origins date back to the second century. The main Taoist thought is centered around questions about health, immortality, longevity and natural behavior. Taoists, along with other followers of popular religion in China, there are up to 30% of the total number of residents.

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