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Which public holidays are considered output in Ukraine

What are the public holidays are considered output in Ukraine

Ukraine for centuries was not sovereign, we are not talking about the occupation or seizure, its territory has always been relatively free, but as part of other kingdoms or nations.

Therefore, most of her holidays are one withfestive dates in Russia, Lithuania, Austria, Hungary and Poland. But the modern state Ukraine was only in 1991, having the opportunity to be young, but already an independent country.

And so the most important holiday, which belongs to the state - Independence Day.

Celebrated Independence Day of Ukraine in the same time: on 24 August every year. It should be noted that the state, as well as some religious holidays in Ukraine are output.

The state of the country holidays

Calculation of public holidays beginssince the beginning of the year, and, of course, refers to the first January 1 - New Year. In the same month is celebrated and the second state and religious holiday - Christmas, it is also noted in the same time - on 7 January. This is followed by the International Women's Day, which falls on the beginning of March - namely, the number of 8, when all the women greet men, presenting them various gifts.
Then it's time to celebrate Easter, but it is nota public holiday, but because the day is not a holiday. This holy day is not a constant date and can therefore be celebrated in April or in May.

Unlike Russia, Ukraine retained the original name of May Day: Today is a holiday called Labor Day.

Over the Easter public holidays follow: 1 May (Labour Day) and 9 May (Victory Day).

freedom Holidays

In the summer of Ukrainians are waiting for the next two days off: On June 28, marking Constitution Day, and August 24 - Independence Day, which has already been mentioned.
All these above mentioned holidays are celebratedin red on the calendar and, of course, they are output. Therefore, the Ukrainians have not only a time to work, but fun and relax. This applies particularly to the noisy festivities in winter, when in January, celebration of national holidays begin at the beginning and end month in the middle.

On Victory Day decided to rest for three days, bringing the weekend to one of the workers. Usually in a festive date arranged military parades and fireworks.

There is also a very special holiday in Ukrainewhich is called the Day of Unification. It falls on January 22. The holiday was approved after the historic events of 1918, when the country first attempted to declare their independence. It was January 22 was drawn up and signed "Zluka" Act (Great Zluka) - the act of unification of the Ukrainian lands, which was unveiled in Kyiv's St. Sophia Square. The official state holiday day was only in 2011 under the name of freedom and the Unification Day of Ukraine.

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