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Which produces the world's best cigars

Where to produce the world's best cigars

The word "cigar" comes from the Spanish cigarro,meaning a bundle of tobacco leaves. Cigars are most often the privilege of the rich people who use them to emphasize their social status and prestige.

The most popular cigars are some of the best varieties.

Varieties of cigars

One of the best and most publicized cigarsare Cuban, cost and quality that make them a welcome gift even for the royals. Today, Cuba released more than seventy brands selected cigars, which are very popular all over the world. Equally popular and cigars, the formulation of which gives them a soft and slightly bitter taste. Some cigars, Havana made by manufacturers, even packed in luxury boxes, which are decorated with precious stones and silver.

For cigars are made manually, use the whole leaves of different varieties of tobacco, mixed according to a special recipe.

Very popular among connoisseurs of expensive tobaccoenjoy Brazilian cigars, which are famous for their unforgettable flavor and bright rich taste. The most exquisite cigars in the world are considered to be Mexican. Also, they are often used in aromatherapy. Dominican cigars are renowned for the fact that the producers maintained their one and a half years in barrels of cognac, cigars and then sealed in glass bottles, so as not to erode the flavor. Cigars from Nicaragua considered feminine, because they have soft, fragrant and sweet-spicy taste.

Manufacturer of the best cigars

The world's best cigars produced in Hondurasbrand Gurkha, who is the producer of cigars "super-premium". They are rolled by hand from the best tobacco varieties grown in Connecticut, the Dominican Republic and Cameroon. tobacco leaves before making cigars are aged for 10-12 years, with the result that Honduran cigars have a unique delicate and mild flavor.

Cigars, twisted by machine, are less expensive handmade cigars and tobacco in them can be a mediocre and the most selective.

Fine cigars from Honduras packed inelegant box made of camel bone decorated with intricate designs carved from yellow copper coating. The cost of one box with hundreds of Honduran cigars is 115 thousand dollars. However, this product is exclusive, because the manufacturer has released a total of five boxes. However, the Honduran cigar production can be purchased without the luxury packaging.

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