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Which processor is better for gaming

Which processor is better for gaming

The processor is a key component of any computer.

This defines a component of the computing power of the machine.

From the power of the processor depends on the number of instructions that a computer can perform per unit of time, as well as the performance and quality of the game, respectively.

Selection of the company

Most processors for personal computers(PC) are AMD and Intel. Manufacturers regularly update its line of processors to keep up with the modern requirements for computing power. It should be noted that the processors suitable to run most demanding applications (games and graphic editors), have a high cost which may be comparable to the cost of whole computers that have less power. Nevertheless, in every price range, you can find the processor that best meet the needs of modern gamers.

The most inexpensive gaming processor

Among the processor, the value of which does not exceedthe amount of 3000 p., it may be noted Athlon II X4. Its cost is barely more than $ 70, but the machine performance data on such equipment will be significantly higher than that of some processors cost more than $ 200. The performance of AMD's stone has the characteristics of AMD A10-5700 with the caveat that this model has the ability to overclock the frequency to further increase productivity. The processor has a clock speed of 3.4 GHz and 4 cores. The device has a TDP of 100 watts and is focused on socket FM2 format.

Price to $ 120

In the price range of $ 120 to hold the leadStones models such as the Intel Core i3-4130 and AMD FX-6300. Both provide decent performance, coupled with the low price. It should be noted that the stone from AMD for $ 10 cheaper than the processor from a competitor, and supports easy overclocking cores to improve performance. This processor 6 provides the cores, which gives an advantage when performing several application threads.

The most expensive model

In the price category up to $ 180 dollars Leadershipkeep the Core i5-based Intel Sandy and Ivy Bridge, which provide high performance results at a low cost. In the price category up to $ 240 leadership keeps Core i5-4670K with an unlocked multiplier for significant performance gains.
If you are planning to organize themselvesreally expensive and powerful system, pay attention to the Core i7-4930K a cost of $ 580. This processor will satisfy all the needs of performance and be able to become the best one in which all your future game system will be built.
The most powerful processor from Intel is by far the i7-4960X, which, however, only a few wins in performance before the i7-4930K, but it costs about $ 400 more expensive.

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