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Which printer to select

How to choose a printer

The market represented a huge range of printers, the quality and functionality that is able to meet all the demands of consumers.

To choose the right printer model, you must define at least the same time, how much he had to do printing.

Variety of printers

Today the market offers two printersbasic types: ink jet, laser and which have fundamental differences from each other. The foundation laid by an ink jet printer cartridges with liquid paint, which can be either black or color. Laser printer cartridge filled with a special powder that is applied to the paper by a point electron impact on those portions of the sheet, which must be applied to the magnetic powder. In addition to printers, the market represented a multifunctional device (MFP). This device combines several devices: printer, scanner and copier. They also come in both inkjet and laser.

The cost of inkjet cartridges though lower than that of the laser, but the last resource is several times higher, indicating that the economic feasibility of acquiring a laser printer.

Principles of selection

How much printing will make the device andhow much you are willing to spend on the purchase of consumables - these are the basic principles of choice of printers for home use. Inkjet MFP model and are a good choice for the home. However, there need to be careful, because in some inkjet cartridges can shrivel, resulting in clogging of the printer nozzle output. Such damage can swipe on the user's pocket, so for the prevention of desiccation, it is necessary at least once a week to print out a couple of sheets. Another drawback of inkjet printers and MFPs is the small volume of the cartridge. On average, it suffices on pages 300-600, which is quite small.
Laser printers are ideal fordaily, intense use, since the volume of the cartridge in such devices lack a few thousand pages. In addition, the powder inside the cartridge is not shrinking. Keep in mind that in addition to filling, laser cartridges periodically require repair. So, once in 2-3 refills you have to change the photoreceptor. Everything else, they are more expensive than inkjet devices. That is why, if the printer requirements are low, you can choose fearlessly jet model.

Laser printer cartridges are easy to refuel, but it is not necessary to do everything myself. It is better to use the services of professionals, as in the case of failure, the printer will disappear guarantee.

Introduced range

Honored by the quality of their leadersprinters and MFPs are Xerox and Hewlett Packard. This is due to the fact that these cartridges are protected against desiccation. In addition, the devices of these manufacturers often acts a record three-year warranty, which leaves no doubt as to the correctness of the purchase of production printers. In terms of quality they are coming on the heels of such giants as Samsung, Canon and Brother. Among these brands are the most inexpensive printers by Brother, but the warranty on them lasts only one year, whereas in the products from Samsung and Canon operates two-year warranty. This Hewlett Packard frequently carries out the action, in terms of which any products are covered by warranty for a period of three years.
Everything else, the HP cartridges, Canon, Xerox,Samsung can successfully parse and refill ink by yourself, which will greatly save the budget. The original cartridge is not cheap. Purchase ink will cost several times cheaper. The lineup of printers is updated rather quickly, with increased print speed, changing mechanism of the device, so when purchasing feel free to ask questions about the resource and store consultants, and the availability of the chip in the cartridge. An experienced dealer will help you choose exactly the printer which suits you the most.

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