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How to select the printer


Which printer to choose</a>

The market offers a huge range of printers, the quality and functionality of which is able to satisfy any customer requests.

In order to choose the correct printer model, you need to determine at least the volume of print it is going to do.

Variety of printers

Today the market includes printers of twoMain types: inkjet and laser, which have fundamental differences from each other. The inkjet printer is based on liquid ink cartridges, which can be either black or colored. The cartridge of the laser printer is filled with a special powder, which is applied to the paper due to the dot effect of electrons on those parts of the sheet on which the powder with magnetic properties is to be applied. In addition to printers, multifunctional devices (MFPs) are on the market. This device combines several devices at once: a printer, a scanner and a copying machine. They are also both inkjet and laser.

The cost of inkjet cartridges, though lower than laser, but the resource of the latter is several times higher, which indicates the economic feasibility of purchasing a laser printer.

Principles of choice

What volume of printing do the device have to do andHow much you are willing to spend on the purchase of supplies - these are the basic principles of choosing printers for home use. Inkjet models and MFPs are a good option for home. However, care must be taken here, as in some inkjet printers the ink cartridges can shrink, which results in clogging of the output nozzles of the printer. Such a breakdown can hit hard on the user's pocket, therefore, for the prevention of sinking, it is necessary at least once a week to print a couple of sheets. Another drawback of inkjet printers and MFPs is the small volume of the cartridge. On average, it is enough for 300-600 pages, which is quite small.
Laser printers are ideal forEveryday, intensive use, since the volume of the cartridge in such devices is enough for several thousand pages. In addition, the powder inside the cartridges does not shrink. Keep in mind that in addition to refueling, laser cartridges periodically require repair. So, once in 2-3 refills you will have to change the photoreceptor. In addition, they are more expensive than inkjet devices. That is why, if the requirements for the printer are low, you can fearlessly choose an inkjet model.

Cartridges for laser printers are easy to refill, but it's not worth doing it yourself. It is better to use the services of professionals, as, in case of failure, the printer will disappear warranty.

Presented assortment

Honored leaders in the quality of producedPrinters and MFPs are Xerox and Hewlett Packard. This is due to the fact that the cartridges in them have protection from sykhaniya. In addition, the devices of these manufacturers often have a record three-year warranty, which leaves no doubt about the correctness of the purchase of printers of this production. In terms of quality, they are on the heels of such giants as Samsung, Canon and Brother. Among the listed brands the Brother printers are the cheapest, however the warranty for them lasts only one year, while the products from Samsung and Canon have a two-year warranty. In this case, Hewlett Packard often holds an action, under the terms of which any product is covered by a guarantee for a period of three years.
In addition, HP, Canon, Xerox,Samsung can be successfully disassembled and inked independently, which will significantly save the budget. Original cartridge is not cheap. Purchase of ink will cost several times cheaper. The model range of printers is updated quite quickly, at the same time, the speed of printing increases, the mechanism of the device changes, so when you buy, do not hesitate to ask the store's consultants questions about the resource and the presence of a chip in the cartridge. A competent salesperson will help you choose exactly the printer that suits you the most.

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