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How to choose plants for a decorative pond


Which plants to choose for a decorative pond</a>

Artificial ponds or ponds are invariable details of landscape design that not only decorate the site, but are also a great place to relax.

When decorating a pond, it is necessary to provide not only purification systems, but also to select wisely the plants.

All plants for water bodies can be divided into 3 groups: floating, coastal and deep-water. Each type of plant has its own characteristics and characteristics
Coastal plants
These plants have their own root system, whichShould be in water or in a very moist soil mixed with sand. This group includes marsh plants, for the root system of which only moist soil is needed. The most popular plants of the coastal group are water buckwheat, iris, calamus, calves, cotton grass and arrowhead. Plant them in early spring in shallow water. If the plant is thermophilic (for example, irises), then it can be planted at a temperature of at least 5 degrees. In general, this group of plants is characterized by a long and bright flowering. To bog plants, you can include a bathing-place, a lawn-grass and ljubelju. Plant these plants after the first stable warming into areas that are close to the pond. The soil must be moist, but without excessive stagnation of water. The design of the pond by marsh plants not only makes it beautiful, but also protects against erosion and landslides, so the landing must be carried out in dense rows.
Floating plants
These plants do not need soil, because forSupply them with enough nutrients from the reservoir. Floating plants are an ornament and additionally purify water, being thermoregulators. Eating organic, this kind of plant blocks the development of algae. The most popular and often used plant species are elodea, lettuce, telomeris, watercolor, nymphaea, pemphigus and duckweed. They can develop equally well in the sun and in darkened areas. In order not to overgrow a pond, it is necessary to plant such plants in a small amount (approximately two-thirds of the area of ​​the reservoir).
Deep-water plant group
Deep-sea plants are not too choosy andThey are vigorous, they grow at a depth of 0.5 to 1 meter. The most convenient for cultivation are nymphaea, kubyshka, aponogeton, water-lily and water-nut. These plants can be planted in the open ground, but that they do not expand, it is better to use containers.

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