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Which plants to choose for decorative pond

Which plants to choose for decorative pond

Artificial ponds, or ponds - is immutable parts of landscape design that will not only adorn the site, but they are also a great place to relax.

When making the reservoir must be provided not only cleansing system, but choose wisely plants.

All plants for ponds can be divided into 3 groups: floating, coastal and deep-sea. Each type of plant has its own features and characteristics
Coastal plants
These plants have a root system thatIt should be in water or in very wet soil, mixed with the sand. This group includes and marsh plants, which only moistened the soil to the root system. The most popular plants of the coastal groups are considered water buckwheat, irises, sweet flag, marigold, cotton grass and arrowhead. They should be planted in early spring in shallow water. If the plant thermophilic (for example, iris), the plant can be at a temperature of not less than 5 degrees. In general, this group of plants is characterized by a long and colorful blooms. By the marsh plants can be attributed Globe, crybaby-grass and Lubell. These plants need to plant after the first stable warming on areas that are close to the pond. The soil should be moist, but without excessive water stagnation. Making pond marsh plants not only does it look beautiful, but also protects from erosion and landslides, so planting should be carried out in serried ranks.
Floating plants
These plants do not need soil, becauseSupply them with enough nutrients from the pond. Floating plants are an ornament and further purified water, as thermostats. Eating organic, this type of plant is blocking the development of algae. The most popular and commonly used types of plants are elodea, lettuce, telorez, vodokras, nimfeynik, pemphigus and duckweed. They are equally well developed, and the sun, and in dark areas. In order to prevent overgrowth of the pond, these plants need to be planted in a small amount (about two-thirds of the reservoir area).
Deep group of plants
Deep-water plants are not too fussy andresilient, they grow at a depth of 0.5 to 1 meter. The most convenient for the cultivation considered nimfeynik, Potbelly, aponogeton, lily and water chestnuts. These plants can be planted in open ground, but that they do not grow, it is best to use containers.

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