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What plants are used for rockeries

What plants are used for rockeries

The word "rockeries" comes from the English "rock" -"rock". Rockery is quite popular as an element of landscape design - thanks to its simplicity and the device can be built next to the solid mansions and their summer cottage.

In the compositions naturally combine the beauty of plants and stones.

Garden rockeries or rocky hill, on theappearance is akin to rock gardens: in such compositions elements are plants and stones. They differ from each other in relief arrangement and selection of plants. Rock garden should be placed on the natural slope of the site, the plant uses only alpine.

Implementation of English-style compositionIt involves the use of long-lived conifers. To create a European-style composition of the stone, which in composition and filling are developed in accordance with the terms and conditions of the middle band.

Japanese style - emphasis on the stones, slides are made of granite blocks, which are decorated with a few bright touches of plants.

Along with the stone exterior layout planview rockeries The correct selection of plants. To decorate the flower garden, you can select any plants, which, according to the creators, organically fit into the landscape. Correctly selected, they will make the flower beds on the rocks ornate and beautiful at any time of the year.

What can be used in rockeries

As soon as the snow melts, and wake up crocussnowdrops - they paint a flower garden with all sorts of bright colors. After them comes the turn of flowering primroses, tulips undersized. Effectively look summer plants such as cat's paw and sunflower, chickweed, subulate phlox. Surrounded by fine stones feel saxifrage and ground cover, sedum, young.

Rockery can be made of conifer in front of houseplants - they will not only effectively look at your site, but also provide the essential oils, which are very positive effect on human health.

To decorate small-sized compositions can be used dwarf plants: miniature arborvitae, an evergreen junipers, spruce beauties or pyramidal cypress.

In order not to disturb the integrity of the flower garden, plantIt must be chosen so that they were similar to each other in color, size and shape. Around the plant is necessary to decorate the gravel soil crumbs, you can use a simple gravel or river pebbles.

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