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Which phone is better: Nokia or Samsung

Which phone is better: Nokia or Samsung

The market of mobile phones and smartphones are now crowded with a variety of models and variations of these models.

Samsung and Nokia are one of the leading handset manufacturers, but the user is becoming increasingly difficult to sort out what kind of phone he needed.

Pushbutton models

Most modern phones havetouch screen, but Samsung and Nokia companies offer their users with several models of push-button phones. If you like this design phone, then pay attention to these models, which give a leader in functionality, but certain parameters are more convenient to use.

Flagships - Touchscreen smartphone

Important aspects when choosing a phone isits design and technical features. If you select your favorite model and everyone can, here's the technical characteristics already difficult to understand. Both companies produce high quality phones that can satisfy the most sophisticated user requests, but each of the models still have their advantages.
These companies previously released phonesdifferent operating systems: Samsung on Android, and Nokia on Windows Phone. For Android created more different applications for work and entertainment. However, Windows Phone allows you to quickly and efficiently share and use all the documents created on a computer with Windows. However, the latest model released by Nokia, is working on a new for the company's Android operating system.
The performance flagship Samsung companiesGalaxy S4 and the Nokia Lumia 1520 is on approximately the same level. If the processor is a Samsung phone has 8 cores and not four as in Nokia, its frequency is somewhat lower at 1.6 GHz versus 2.2 GHz in the Nokia Lumia 1520. The model from Nokia has a large screen, but displays the same resolution . Standard memory volume Nokia twice than Samsung. Nokia Lumia is equipped with a better rear camera allows you to shoot really high-quality images, but the front-facing camera has an order of magnitude worse than the Samsung Galaxy S4. Battery capacity over the phone Nokia Lumia 1520, allowing it to run up to 70% in standby mode longer than the Samsung phone. Both phones have a plastic housing, but Samsung Galaxy S4 phone lighter than its opponent by 60%.
Each model has its pros andcons: some like lightweight Samsung with Android operating system, someone will draw a large screen Nokia Lumia, its colorful images and vibrant body. In any case, with its main tasks: phone calls, SMS, surf the Internet every smartphone copes perfectly.

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