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How is the best communication operator for the Internet?


Which carrier is better for the Internet?</a>

Mobile operators of Russia provide mobile Internet services, which vary both in quality and in price.

It is worthwhile to figure out which operator is best suited for the Internet of a particular situation.

Technical background

In the Russian market of cellular communication existsClose competition between the main players. This is Beeline, Megafon and MTS, whose services are used by more than 60% of the population of Russia. With the development of wireless communication channels, operators were forced to abandon frankly predatory tariffs for mobile Internet and to develop broadband 3G networks. Later, the implementation of this standard occurred at "Beeline", as the equipment on the cells left much to be desired.
The pioneer in this field was Megafon, whichOffered and offers to this day a wide range of unlimited Internet tariffs. This fact is actively promoted by the fact that this operator uses high-quality equipment of American and European production.

Rulers of tariffs

Access to the Internet is absolutelyAll tariffs offered by mobile operators. There are separate Internet tariffs as well as tariff options that provide unlimited Internet access. Their price directly depends on the proposed speed and the threshold of its limitation. A wide range of tariff options can boast Megafon and MTS. Their quality can swim from region to region.
For example, the positions of Megafon are the strongest inThe Volga region, where the quality of mobile Internet is traditionally high, and "MTS" and "Beeline" can boast of good Internet only in Moscow and the Moscow region. The price for mobile Internet of these operators can range from several rubles per day to 1000 rubles per month in the absence of any speed thresholds.

Russian mobile operators offer customers a line of smartphones and tablets that work on the Internet in 3G networks. However, their quality still leaves much to be desired.

3G / 4G Modems

All Russian mobile operators offerSpecial USB-modems, with which you can go online at a decent speed. Choose them is very carefully. The worst in quality, according to consumers, are modems from MTS. The best in this regard are "Megaphone" and "Beeline". At the same time, the price for them compares favorably with those sold by MTS. Recently, Megafon introduced a line of 4G-modems, the speed of which is advantageously different from 3G analogues. They are good for those who simply need to have a permanent Internet connection anywhere in the network coverage area.

Beeline and Megafon, in addition to accessing the Internet,Offer their users access to various entertainment content, which is not billed at all. These are gaming servers, file sharing networks, etc.

Recently, the mobile Internet marketAppeared a serious competitor in the face of Rostelecom. He offers unlimited Internet tariffs based on 3G networks at very competitive prices, but phone calls are very expensive. Therefore, it is not necessary to consider it as a full-fledged cellular operator.

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