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As the prophecies of Nostradamus came true


Which of the prophecies of Nostradamus have come true</a>

Michel de Notre Dame, better known as Nostradamus, wrote a book of predictions in the early 16th century, many of which began to come true 11 years after his death.

This fact fascinates, especially considering the fact that he was a simple druggist.

Thousands of his followers believe that he predicted the events that are yet to occur.

Events of the past centuries

One of the predictions of Nostradamus concernsThe Great Fire in London, which happened exactly a hundred years after the death of the seer. The fire enveloped one building after another. Of the fire affected about 80 000 people, burned most of the buildings and even the Cathedral of St. Paul. Many Londoners saw in this prediction something sinister, because the fire happened in September 1666, and this is the year marked by the figure of the devil.

Nostradamus wrote metaphors, unclearly designated dates, places and events. Therefore, many of his predictions, as they say, are "attracted" and are subject to doubt.

Nostradamus predicted that in 1799 inFrance will revolutionize. He wrote that enslaved people would rise up against their princes and masters. Indeed, his predictions began to come true: mass riots led to the fact that the absolute monarchy that existed in France for centuries, fell in three years. Religious, aristocratic and feudal privileges were uprooted. The time has come for the freethinking liberals.
Perhaps, due to the fact that Nostradamus wasFrenchman by origin, many of his predictions concerned France. He could tell in a completely unimaginable way about the ascent of Napoleon. Talking about the future emperor, he wrote the following words: Pau, Nay, Loron. If you rearrange the letters, you get Napaulon Roy, which sounds like the name of Napoleon.

Events of our era

"In Western Europe, a child will be born. He will lift up the people with his word and his glory will go far to the east. " Such words were described by Nostradamus Adolf Hitler, who, according to many historians, is one of the three Antichrists described by the seer. The most impressive prediction of Nostradamus was the story of the Second World War. No armed confrontation in the history of mankind can compare to the cruelty of Hitler's plans to conquer the world. It was the most destructive, most devastating war that destroyed tens of millions of people. This is currently the only war in which atomic weapons were used. Nostradamus described the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by US troops as "the destruction of people by steel." Apparently, the seer could not explain what he saw, and the word "steel" in those days was applied to various types of weapons. Although many believe that the vision of mass death is more about the deaths of people from hunger and plague than about the events of World War II.

It is said that Nostradamus predicted his own death. Saying goodbye to the servant in the evening, he said that he would not be in the morning. Indeed, in the morning he was found dead.

Nostradamus quite clearly described the death of his brothersKennedy, one of whom was shot in Dallas in front of his own wife, and another was killed in Los Angeles five years later, and Princess Diana, who died in a car crash with her friend through the fault of a drunken driver.
But the most incredible is the prediction of events 11September, when, as a result of the terrorist act, the twin Twin Towers in New York City lit up and fell. Nostradamus wrote: "The fire of the volcano from the center of the earth will shake the new city. Two stones will be covered for a long time by the war. Then Arethusa will paint the new river in red. In the year 1999, in the seventh month, Death will come from heaven. " Historians believe that Nostradamus described the events of the day when New York shuddered at the horrible event: two planes crashed one by one, the Trade Center caught fire, people were locked up and could not leave the flaming buildings, and then the towers collapsed.

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