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Which means one earring in his right ear guy

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The tradition of decorating the body dates back to the beginning of mankind as a species. Contrary to popular belief, many ornaments were originally introduced as men are required attributes.

And only history made their adjustments.

However, today men are not shy of beauty, sometimes without understanding the true meaning of what it means something or other decoration.

Wear earrings first started it was a man. And it happened for seven thousand years ago in Asia. According to other sources, it was ten thousand years ago in Mesopotamia. They did it the people of noble birth, to emphasize their status in society. Over time, the men's earrings have spread around the world and have gained a different meaning.

What does it mean for men earrings in the past

If we turn to the history of ancient Rome, therewearing an earring was in the right ear only slaves could that set them on the ground. Among the notable people such fashion is not rampant was, but sometimes there are exceptions. Then the decoration was done very refined, precious metals and precious stones.
Roma have a tradition for men to wear earrings, too, had its own meaning. Earring vdevali boy if he was born after the death of the previous child.
Sailors custom of wearing an earring in the ear also had and has its own symbolism. It is believed that the captain, who was able to successfully pass Cape Horn.
In Russia, the Cossacks pierced ear, if the left -only son of a single mother, and the right - the only son in the family. If both ears pierced - the only breadwinner of the parents, which is not supposed to expose the deadly risk in the war.
Earrings in his ears and wore thieves. For them, it was a challenge to public opinion, contempt for the laws of the human and divine. According to some legends, they all had the right to wear, but on the other - only Ataman gang was such a privilege.

Earring in the modern world

Modern life has brought about changes in the symbolism of wearing earrings in the ear. Today it is difficult to say for sure what it means dressing in left or right ear men.
On the other hand, more or less common version that is on the right side represents the male unconventional orientation.
On the left side is a decoration of the stronger sex.
And if the earring in the two ears, there is no clear interpretation of this fact.
However, all this is rather arbitrary andtherefore, you can wear earrings, as you please and enjoy most. After all, one fact that you're wearing supposedly feminine attributes, is already talking about the unique features and outstanding quality.
Among the famous people who wore, and wearingearrings: Will Smith, Hugh Jackman, Harrison Ford, David Beckham, Boris Grebenshchikov, Andrei Krasko, and others. As can be seen from the list, these people can not be blamed for homosexual, so ... decide for yourself whether to wear.

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