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Which means lower temperature

Which means lower temperature

Fever indicates failures in the system of the body.

In this way it signals the inflammation and tries to overcome the infection.

Therefore it is very important to have knowledge - when to bring down the temperature and when not to.

When the body temperature is thirty-seven - thirty-eight degrees, it is not desirable to shoot down. If it continues to grow, it is necessary to begin to apply the funds to lower it.

It should be remembered that loweringbody temperature, we increase the period of the disease and prevents the body to fully overcome the pathogens, and can trigger a variety of complications.

There is a huge difference in the meanswhich can be used to reduce the temperature. Nonsteroidal agents are not suitable for all ( "Ibuprofen", "aspirin", "Efkamon"). People suffering from gastritis or gastric ulcer, their use is not recommended, as they adversely affect the mucous membrane.

It is possible to use "Paracetamol" "Analgin" "Nurofen" "Terflu" or "mefenamic acid". the use of drugs in conjunction with sponging with warm water is very effective.

The temperature of the child with the help reducedrugs with targeted action, "Nurofen", "Paracetamol for children", "Tsefekon", "Viburkol" or children "Panadol". Available in these antipyretics in various forms: suppositories, tablets or suspensions.

It is recommended to drink a large amount of warm liquid, it also has a positive effect at low temperatures.

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