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Which means lower inclined beam at the Orthodox cross

What does lower inclined beam at the Orthodox cross

In the religions of the world cross - one of the symbols of faith, but the types of crosses quite a lot.

The most common form - an eight.

It is believed that on this cross Jesus was crucified.

The eight-pointed cross consists of a vertical component, and three bars. The top two lines, and the bottom - skew.

There is a theory that says that the top part of the crossbar Orthodox cross facing north, and the bottom - in the south. By the way, this way and set the cross today.

Why the lower cross beam slanting, hardlywill be able to explain even the theologians. The answer to this question is still not found. There are many versions, each of which reflects a certain idea and confirmed often convincing arguments. But, unfortunately, accurate evidence of any version at the moment no.

Versions based on biblical legends

Variants of why is it that the lower horizontal bar of the cross oblique, diverse. Consumer version of this explains the fact that Jesus stumbled on foot, so it's twisted.

Also there is a possibility that the upper part of the lower rungs of the Orthodox cross points the way to Paradise, and the lower Hell.

Also common version of that afterComing of Jesus Christ in the world was out of balance between good and evil, all people are sinners previously started their way to the light, and it is this imbalance and shows skew the crossbar.

Versions household

More than just looks plausible version thatthat the lower beam - is a symbolic image of this special kick to stop a man who was subjected to crucifixion. Previously, this form of punishment was extended. Man was crucified, but in the absence of support it is likely that under its own weight people just fell down from the cross, as his weight hands and feet nailed to the cross, just exploded. That's just to maintain a person in a hanging position, in order to prolong his agony, and was invented by this stand, which is reflected symbolically in the orthodox eight-pointed cross. On the average, as indicated in some sources, time to death in such a penalty was approximately 24-30 hours.
There is also a variant in the literature that the lowerbeam only conditionally designated as oblique. In fact, this is only a schematic representation of the volume figures in the two-dimensional plane. And in fact, the bar surface was still flat.
Which are all the same version of the proposed trust, it seems that everyone choose to, because after so many years, the truth is unlikely to be someone open.

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