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Which means the icon bmw


BMW - the world's largest manufacturer of engines, cars and even bicycles.

BMW logo is well known all over the world, and in recognition among automakers icon is located on one of the first places.

BMW - an abbreviation, a full translation with whichGerman sounds like "Bavarian Motor Works", and the very first workshop of this company have been opened in the city of Munich in southern Germany. The history of BMW begins with 1913, when the factory of the company's first aircraft engines were manufactured. Location of production also was not chosen by chance, because then located near Munich plant for the production of aircraft for which BMW and supplied the engines.

Equipped aircraft engine BMW-5 seaplane Rohrbach Ro VII in 1926 established a full five world records. This aircraft can fly 1,500 kilometers at a speed of 200 km / h.

At the same time there was also built a prototype of the modernicon BMW, depicts a spinning propeller, driven by engines BMW. Modern company logo also depicts the propeller, and the blue and white colors in the logo are present in deference to Bavaria - the manufacturer's country, at the regional flag of which there is just these colors. The first version of the icon BMW, which is clearly depicted propeller, lasted only three years, and then updated the logo and it looked like a modern. By the way, the propellers at the BMW factories also produced. Release of aviation products was significantly reduced after the First World War, as according to the Treaty of Versailles, Germany was forbidden simply produces military equipment, which means fewer orders. Since icon bmw became increasingly appear on products for peaceful purposes, and in less than 20 years, the company has completely passed to the production cars and motorcycles.

BMW Museum in Munich

At the leading German manufacturer of motor companiesIt has its own museum, which is every year visited by about 250 000 people. Such a small number of guests explained by the fact that the museum is almost does not give advertising, travelers will learn about it from their friends and through travel guides and internet. BMW Museum is right next to the company's headquarters near the Olympic Park in Munich, and was built in time for the 1972 Olympics. It is in the corporate museum you can look at the very first aircraft engines and propellers, and with that began the history of BMW. And in addition to all models cars, issued by the company for more than 100 years of history, you can see the conceptual development of modernity.

The first car under the BMW badge

His very first car, BMW has already released in 1928 and it was called the Dixi.

In addition to comfortable and prestigious car BMW produces motorcycles successfully. The first "iron horse" under the icon BMW rolled out in 1923.

This popular compact car was notproprietary company and was only a copy of the British Austin 7, which is produced after purchase BMW car factory in Thuringia. But already in 1933 Berlin Motor Show hit the gorgeous BMW-303, entirely developed Bayerisch Motoren Werke. This car can be seen in old movies and on the pages of a history book. This machine is very suitable for driving on motorways and could reach speeds of 90 km / h.

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