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Which means elephant figurine on Feng Shui

What does the elephant figurine on Feng Shui

Elephant - an ancient powerful animal that enjoys particular respect in a number of Eastern countries: India and China, as well as in the countries of the African continent.

Locals represent an elephant with qualities such as wisdom, peace, patience, insight, and love.

Talisman in the form of an elephant in Feng Shui

According to the concepts of Buddhism, the elephant isa sacred animal. It harmoniously combines physical strength and spiritual principles, and therefore it is an example to follow and worship. In many countries: India, Thailand, Sri Lanka, elephants statues stand on the altar, along with other figures of deities.
by feng shui experts believe that the figureselephants, placed inside a home in certain areas, are able to bring to its owners riches and well-being, peace of mind, wisdom and fortitude. In terms of Feng Shui teachings, all the material and spiritual benefits elephant pulls into the room through a long trunk.
Statuette of an elephant with its trunk lowered down is intended toguard and protect small children. It contributes to the establishment of strong, friendly and trusting relationship between parents and their children of and conducive to the birth of healthy strong children. This figure can be a wonderful mascot, a talisman to a pregnant woman.
According to Feng Shui, not only the statues of elephantspossess a powerful force. The images of sacred animals are able to perform the same function as talismans. A elephants figures themselves can be made of various materials: bronze, ceramics, steel, porcelain, crystal glass, bone. Mascots can also serve as soft plastic or rubber toys.

How to activate the talisman

Talisman in the form of an elephant itself is a very powerful and strong. However, he loves and appreciates all kinds of jewelry made of precious stones or precious metals: necklaces, chains, bracelets, rings.

Avoid jewelry made of ivory. To put on the mascot, they will turn against his force tenants.

How to place a figurine of an elephant in the house

It is very important to choose the mascot for the right place in the room. Elephant figurine made to put on the windowsill, its trunk in this case should be directed to the street.

A figurine of an elephant is able to neutralize the negative energy coming from the corners of the room.

If the trunk is directed into the room, which means thatelephant must save the family are all achieved spiritual benefits. When choosing a place for the elephant figurines, give preference to the north-west or south-east side of the apartment. Talisman, located in these areas, has headed the family support or attract a reliable patron.
The most important thing - to the coveted talisman began to act and to bring into the house of love, wisdom, tranquility and well-being necessary for the person sincerely believe in the power of the selected elephant figurines.

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