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WHAT means the tattoo ship


What does the tattoo ship mean?</a>

The tattoo in the form of a ship is a very terrible story: initially it was done by sailors, so that in case of shipwreck their bodies could be identified by special patterns.

Now this image has acquired a slightly different meaning.

Traditional value of a tattoo in the form of a ship

People who often went out into the open sea didImagine a tattoo in the form of a ship, emphasizing their profession and the love of wandering. Much of the man could tell the picture itself. For example, the image of a warship meant that the owner of a tattoo was accustomed to battles, and the image of a sailboat going through the water in a storm - that the sailor had visited Cape Horn and passed this unusually difficult stretch.

Additional symbolism of the ship was given to other elements of the tattoo - inscriptions, skulls, bones, wings of angels, rocks, flags, anchors, steering wheels, heavenly bodies.

It should also be noted that such an imageWas often used as a kind of amulet. Surprisingly, the fact: the drawing of a ship crashing against a reef, struggling with a storm or even going to the bottom, was actually designed to protect the sailor from the severity of the sea gods. Later, such a tattoo became a kind of amulet for all people who dreamed of safety while traveling.

What does the tattoo symbolize?

If before a tattoo in the form of a shipUsed mainly by sailors, but now it has become popular among people who have never been on the high seas. The symbolism of the image has also changed. Now it is chosen by people who want to emphasize their propensity to change places, the love of travel and changes in life, the rejection of stability.

In rare cases, a tattoo with an imageEven criminals use the ship. In this case, it means the desire to escape, the reluctance to sit behind bars, and the choice of different places for gangster "work."

Such a picture is ideal for creativePersons who do not like to sit still and constantly strive for perfection. In this case, it can mean not so much physical displacement as a flight of fantasy. Light, elegant ships with raised sails, stretched from the wind, emphasize the value of dreaminess, love of "waking in the clouds."
If a woman chooses a tattoo in the form of a ship,It can mean a desire for excellence, a proud, independent spirit, a love of freedom. A classic female tattoo is a ship with scarlet sails, meaning expectation of a miracle. Such a picture can become a talisman that promotes the fulfillment of desires.
Male versions of such tattoos, as a rule, mean power, love of travel, the pursuit of conquest, reliability, as well as strong character and independence.

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