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What is the dollar sign

What does the dollar sign

The flight to the currency of a country signs symbolize financial independence and prosperity. Some symbols have a century of history.

Relatively young can be considered a sign of the US dollar.

Dollar: the disputed mark

Traditional dollar sign representsLatin letters S, vetikalno crossed out in the middle by two parallel lines. Time of occurrence of this symbol to denote the American currency is not established for sure. Some researchers suggest that the sign did not appear before the XVIII century. Others make a correction: the character itself has been around for more than 500 years, but began to be depicted on the currency a little over two centuries ago.
When the treatment and on the origin of the markThe dollar should be remembered that the letter S may be crossed out as a two and one line. In total there are about 14 five-character spelling variants, known since 1776. And only three of them used two vertical lines.

Version One: Spanish spirit

Several centuries ago, Spain wascountry colonizer. Currencies in the region - the peso - was most prevalent in the world. Coins that time were marked with Latin letter P. Before sending money to America, the Spaniards added to the top right corner of bukovku S, indicating the plural. Over time, P was reduced to a dash.
Another "Spanish" option assumes thatGold for minting currency colonizers exported from the United States itself. At the same time they will have marked it by putting the letters S, indicating the "Spain" - Spain. When accepting the gold (to control it) Latin sign crossed out by one line. When the time came to send money back to the colony, put the second wand.
The third "Spanish" version of the least recognizedresearchers, however, actively supported by the US Bureau of Engraving and Printing. On it a dollar sign is a modified coat of arms of the royal family of Spain. It consists of two pillars of Hercules, between which the waves is a ribbon with Latin dictum. This symbol indicates a sea power and the power of Spain.

Version Two: English influence

The British could not stay away and nottake part in creating history. In their version of a dollar sign represents the new writing of their native shillings. In the UK, we believe that Americans just took the first letter of the English "shilling" and supplemented it with two sticks - combination of letters "ll".
In this version of the British, most likely,It prompted the Americans have taken over from the tradition of notation amounts presented for payment. The dollar sign is always placed before the numbers (for example, $ 10). This is how for centuries placed pound icon.

Version Three: American

However, the Americans also have their own versionorigin and value of a dollar sign. That it has actively supported the Greens A. - head of the US Federal Reserve. In the American version, the dollar sign is equivalent to the concept of "free spirit."
Such an assumption was of Ayn Rand, the famousAmerican writer. In her novel "Atlas shrugged" describes the version of the origin of the "free mind sign": it's just a monogram of two letters U and S ( "United States").

Version Four: mystic powers

Treating the value of a dollar sign, we must not forgethis "mystical" fame. It is believed that both the coin and banknote US bank is literally "stuffed" the symbols of one of the most powerful secret orders of all time - Masonic. In some versions, the heyday of the company came just at the time of the formation of the American banknotes.
According to this theory, a dollar sign means "templeKing Solomon. " Letter S - in the title name at the Latin writing, vertical bars - a schematic representation of the walls. This version is actively cultivated by researchers of the secret societies and scientists Symbolists.

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