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Which car is the fastest in the world

Which car is the fastest in the world

Sports cars are produced rather small series, sometimes they do and create a single specimen.

Despite this, they deservedly occupy the top lines in the ranking of the most prestigious cars.

Their technical characteristics are the envy of even the cars "Formula 1".

Definitely answer the question of whatthe car is the fastest in the world, it is impossible, since it is necessary to take into account a number of additional parameters - such as the type of propulsion system, whether the machine is manufactured commercially. An important parameter is the speed acceleration up to a hundred kilometers per hour, while the situation when one car accelerates to this speed is much faster than the other, but the second one at the same time has a higher top speed.

The absolute record for the speed of the car wasmade in 1997 by Englishman Andy Green in a jet race car Thrust SSC, the results of two rounds it is equal to 1226.522 km / h. This rate has been achieved through the installation of two turbine engines with a total capacity of 110,000 horsepower. The maximum speed for the car to drive to the wheels of 737.395 km / h. The record was set in 2001 by car "Turbinator".

Among production cars with drivewheel, the fastest as of mid-2012 is the SSC Ultimate Aero 6.3 V-8. Its maximum speed is 443 km / h, with up to a hundred kilometers of it is dispersed in just 2.78 seconds. By car mounted gasoline engine Chevrolet Supercharged V8 turbocharged 1350 horsepower. As the cost of this car is one of the three most expensive cars of the world, it is about one million dollars.

The main competitor of SSC Ultimate Aero is already onOver the years, a Bugatti Veyron 16.4 8.0 W16, the car is able to reach speeds up to 431 km / h and 100 km / h, accelerates in just 2.5 seconds. The cost of this model, depending on configuration, ranging from one and a half to two million dollars.

The third line is the fastest rankingscars in the world holds the supercar Venom GT. Due to the forced engine LS9 V volume of 6.2 liters and output of 725 horsepower car reaches a speed of 422 km / h, accelerates to a hundred kilometers per 2.4 seconds. The cost of the sports car is 960 thousand dollars.

His competition is among the electric vehicles. The maximum speed of 495 km / h, the car developed Buckeye Bullet, but this car is not serial, has a layout that is different from the classic and is intended solely to establish records. Among the cars the usual scheme is the fastest supercar Quimera AEGT, equipped with a lithium-polymer battery, in 2011 it reached a speed of 300 km / h. The total capacity of the three electric motors installed on it makes 700 horsepower. While this car is a prototype, but letting his company plans to launch a sports car in the series.

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