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How to buy a student laptop


Which laptop to buy a student </a>

Selecting a laptop that would become an assistantEducational process, is associated with certain difficulties. First, it is a compromise between price and performance, and secondly, it is important who he buys - a student or a student.

It is necessary to figure out which laptop to buy the girl.

Specificity of choice

First of all, the buyer needs to understand for himself thatLaptop will not always perform only educational tasks (creating printed texts, searching for information, performing labs, etc.). It can be games, social networks, movies, etc. Also worth paying attention to the convenience of the laptop in terms of its mobility and practicality - weight, cover quality, surface, durability. After all, a laptop can travel every day from home to university and back.

A student is mobile and active

The university is not only a place of study, but also a startSocial life student. If she is active, participates in the activities of the university and takes an active life position, then thin slim notebooks with a weight of no more than 2 kg will suit her. Such models are dominated by Samsung brands (ATIV and XE series), Toshiba (SATELLITE line) and Lenovo (G series). The latter are quite affordable and of high quality, so pay attention to them.
It is quite possible to considerAlternative laptop netbook. The only drawback in this case is the lack of CD / DVD-drive. And the cost of such devices is not just less than full-fledged laptops. However, the netbook may not be suitable for everyone - the size of its screen and keyboard is quite small, which leads to rapid fatigue, pain in the eyes and fingers.

Student - excellent student

This type of female student is distinguishedInterest in learning. She, of course, is not always an excellent student, but good study is her main priority. There are two possible situations: she does not part with the laptop at all or uses it only in the hostel / at home. In this case, you can approach both the models described above, and the heavier ones (from Acer, RoverBook, Dell, HP, etc.), depending on the specific case.
To study, you will need a number of programs that canBe as installed beforehand when buying a laptop, and no. Then it will have to be bought or downloaded for free independently. The most famous paid office suite offers Microsoft, it's called simply Office. The free analog is named OpenOffice and almost does not differ from the paid colleague.
Depending on the specifics of this or that institution,On the laptop can stand AutoCAD, MathCad, Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw, C ++ Builder and much more. The lion's share of all this software is paid, and the price tag can several times overtake the cost of the laptop itself.

Technical stuffing

Modern laptops and netbooks have everythingThe necessary spectrum of characteristics to facilitate student's everyday life: Wi-Fi, a large hard drive, a high-definition screen, a multi-core processor (at least 2 cores) and much more. This can boast even inexpensive models, so the buyer will not have problems with choosing a laptop for the student.

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