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Which language is better to learn Italian or Spanish

Which language is better to learn Italian or Spanish

Languages ​​descended from Latin, is considered one of the most beautiful and harmonious, in addition, most European nations, they seem simple.

Spanish and Italian - one of the most widely spoken languages ​​that study, foreigners, today there are a lot of courses, textbooks and other materials.

But even if you are going to master speech passionate inhabitants of the Mediterranean as a hobby, the question arises - what language is profitable, fun, easy to learn?


Spanish language was formed on the basis of the Latinin medieval Castile. It is believed that this is the most close to the modern Latin language, Italian, Portuguese, and other members of the Romance have more different from its ancestor.
Spanish language - one of the most commonworld, it is spoken by about five hundred million people. This language is used in 57 countries and almost all continents: the Americas, Europe, Africa and Indonesia. Even in many countries where Spanish is not an official language, it is widespread - so, in Brazil it is spoken by the majority of students and diplomats. Spanish is the official language of the UN, the EU, the African Union.

Judging from this point of view, it is more profitable to study in comparison with the Italian, who has the status only in the Latin Union, and the EU and much lower prevalence.

The level of complexity Spanish almostdifferent from the Italian. It is well given to people who already know one of the Romance languages ​​or English, having borrowed a lot from the Latin roots.
There are several situations in which Spanish is clearlypreferably Italian. Firstly, if the goal is to learn a language - use it while traveling, you definitely need to choose Spanish (if you're not going to stop in one of Italy). Owning Spanish, visitors can easily navigate throughout the world. Secondly, some people learn a foreign language with a view to understand the songs, movies and TV shows. To view the TV shows, especially soap operas, Spanish required - Worldwide common Latin American soap operas.

Italian language

According to the complexity of the Italian language can be compared toSpanish: they have a similar vocabulary, similar grammar, but it is believed that the Italian phonetics more difficult, although it is a subjective opinion. But a complex characteristic intonation, the opposition of long and multiple vowels, uncharacteristic Romance group, and other phonetic features make it relatively difficult to learn Russian.

But many believe that the Italian sounds prettier, more romantic, more smoothly, and the Spanish more rough and sharp.

Learning Italian can adviselovers of classical music, which is much more closely associated with Italy than with Spain. When choosing a study "for himself" language is desirable to focus on their own tastes, its proximity to a particular culture: for example, if you are close to dance flamenco, samba and tango, and you love to vacation in the Canary Islands, your choice - Spanish.

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