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As a penalty for transporting children without a chair

What is the penalty for transporting children without an armchair</a>

Since 2007 in the Russian FederationThe law obliging car drivers to use for transportation of children, whose age does not exceed 12 years, special restraints, called in the home by child car seats.

Carriage of a child without a car seat is punishableAdministrative fine. Initially, the penalty was the same as for the seat belt, which was not fastened, but from 2013 it is 3,000 rubles, which is quite comparable to the price of the chair itself. This should save drivers from the temptation to "get off fine."
The driver must pay the penalty. It is clear that the fine can not be imposed on the child himself, because he is not 16 years old. But if the driver is not the parent of the child, for example, parents go with a baby in a taxi, then the responsibility is not on the parents, but on him. A taxi driver can try to negotiate with passengers who agreed to take the child without a car seat, ask them to refund the fine, but they can not be forced to do so.

Types of car seats

Children's chairs belong to certain groups according to the age of the child and his weight.
Group 0+ - armchairs for newborns and infants, i.e. Up to a year, whose weight does not reach 13 kg. From all other chairs, they differ in that they are set against the course of motion.
Armchairs of the group 0 + / I can be set by the person onCourse and against the move. The first provision is applied for children from six months to one and a half years, the second - for older children. This group covers children weighing up to 18 kg at the age from six months to four years.
Armchairs of other groups are set solely forward. Group I - 9-18 kg, 9 months - 4 years, I / II / III -9 months - 12 years, 9-36 kg, II / III - 3-12 years, 15-36 kg.
If the child's weight exceeds 36 kg, and its growthMore than 1.5 meters, but age is below 12 years, it is supposed to be fastened with an ordinary seat belt equipped with a special adapter that does not allow the belt to slide over the child's neck. In the people such an adapter is called an "indulgence", because when it is available, the traffic police often "turn a blind eye" to the lack of an armchair for transportation of children of any age category.

Requirements for car seats

Even with a car seat, the driver can be fined if some rules regarding his use are not followed.
The seat must be installed in the safest part of the rear seat - in the middle or behind the driver's back.
The chair must be serviceable. External or internal damages of the carcass, cracks and dents on the seat, abrasion of the belts are inadmissible.
If the chair is in the car, and the child is not in it, but on the seat or on the hands of an adult, we can assume that there is no chair. Punishable by a fine and inconsistency of the car seat by the age of the child.
The laws concerning child car seats existAnd in other countries. In France, for a trip with a child without a car seat driver can be fined € 90, Germany - € 40, in Italy - € 71. The American law is especially severe: in the US, the penalty for such a violation is $ 500.

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