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WHAT'S best: volleyball or basketball


In volleyball, unlike basketball, you can play on the sand

What tastes better: sour cream or mayonnaise?

Which is more useful: onion or garlic? Which is more convenient: gloves or mittens?

What is more elegant: stockings or pantyhose?

Any product and product has advantages and disadvantages.

Some people like it and, most importantly, one is suitable, someone else is different. A similar situation exists in sports.

Any kind of it has positive moments, and negative ones.

And the popular dilemma of "better or worse?" Usually solved by no less popular method of trial and error.

Sport is good

Before discussing the merits andDisadvantages of any kind of sports, for example, very popular on the planet of basketball and volleyball, it is worth noting that the sport is useful even on its own. And not only for those who deal with it daily and professionally, but also for relating to their morning jogs and to "football on Fridays" as to ordinary physical education. And even for those who prefer to join the sport, sitting comfortably on their own couch or stadium podium, and calls himself a fan or a fan.

However, real athletes are considered onlyThose who still win or lose exactly himself. Who goes to the basketball or volleyball court, not only to fix the net or wash the floor, but also to strike an accurate blow or a throw, to put an opponent block shot or just a block, win a real medal, get a salary and a bonus. You can come to this only in one case: start to master basketball or volleyball, having made a choice in favor of this or that kind of sports, from early childhood.

According to experts, basketball players spendThe game has more calories than their counterparts in sports. Thus, with a weight of 50 kg, a basketball player loses 283 k / cal for an hour, and a volleyball player - 191. And with a weight of 90 kg - respectively, 488 and 328.

Basketball: two rings, two ends, and in the middle the ball

The name of the game is made up of two English words- basket and ball, basket and ball. The main goal - to take this ball, through perepasovki and dribbling to pass with him from his ring to someone else, throw in someone else's basket. And to the final siren to score points more than the team of opponents. Role in basketball - point guard, attacking defender, light and heavy attacker, center.

The main advantages that can influence the choiceBasketball as a sport that should be dealt with: a very active and dynamic game, perfectly suitable for those who love to run and jump children. Psychologists are sure: using basketball helps to develop in teens collectivism and responsibility for the overall good result.

A lot of positive in the ball game "5At 5 "see and sports doctors. In their opinion, basketball, thanks to constant movement, increases endurance in adolescents, well strengthens not only the muscles and the entire musculoskeletal system, but also the cardiovascular system.

To obvious disadvantages is that matchesPass exclusively in enclosed spaces, and the game itself is quite traumatic. After all, in a confined space, 10 huge and physically very strong men run and fight for the ball at once. However, and women's basketball has recently become quite athletic and even cruel. "Turgenev's ladies" in it is definitely not the place.

Volleyball: all attention to bundles

The name of the game with the participation of two teams of 6 peopleIn each of the English words volley and ball. In translation, they mean a blow from the summer and the ball. Unlike basketball, and this is one of the undoubted advantages, volleyball is allowed to play on the street or even on the beach. And in a simplified format "2 by 2" and even with less clothing.

Over time, volleyball outside the hall becameAn independent view. Having received its own name - beach volleyball, he achieved the right even to participate in the Summer Olympics on a par with his classic "fellow".

Instead of the rings in volleyball there is a grid, and the totalThe number of players on the court is not 10, but 12. The role is the binder ("bunch") or the passer, the diagonal blocking, the forward of the first and second tempo, libero.

The main advantage over basketballConsidered a great safety. After all, there is almost no physical contact between players separated by a grid, as well as serious injuries. But more combinationality and variability are present, which develops the mind, creativity and ability to think. Undoubted advantages include jumping, and a longer, rather than in basketball, and reaction.

In addition, you can play volleyball in enoughSolid age, even without moving practically over a small area. It is not so necessary, in comparison again with basketball, athleticism and outstanding musculature. Pros for health: strengthening muscles and ligaments, stretching and flexibility, improving vision and coordination.

Minuses are a large number of falls andFrequent injuries of fingers and hands, as well as some monotony and monotony of game movements. Do not really like viewers and television are often prolonged matches in time.


All modern sports are quite good andAre useful not only for adults but also for children. And for the notorious form, and for the content. The main thing is to deal with them with a "cold" head, reasonably, listen not only to the coach, but also to one's own organism. Do not forget to rest, recover and qualitatively warm up. And choosing, try to focus on your own interest and physical data, for the presence in your hometown of specialized sports schools and good coaches.

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