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Which is better: volleyball or basketball

In volleyball, unlike basketball, you can play in the sand

What delicious sour cream or mayonnaise?

What is better: onions or garlic? Why would I gloves or mittens?

With elegant: stockings or tights?

Any product and goods there advantages and disadvantages.

Some people like it and, most importantly, fit single, someone - else. A similar situation exists in sports.

Each species has its positive aspects and negative.

A popular dilemma of "better or worse?" Is usually solved by least popular method of trial and error.

Sport - it's good

Before we talk about the advantages anddisadvantages of any sport species, for example, is very popular in the world of basketball and volleyball courts, it is worth noting that sport is useful even by itself. And not only for those involved in it every day and professionally, but also for relating to their morning jog to the "Football Friday" as a regular physical education. And even for those who prefer to take up the sport, comfortably sitting on the couch or own the stadium and calls himself a fan or a fan.

However, these athletes are considered onlythose who still wins or loses it himself. Who goes to a basketball or volleyball court, not only to improve the net or wash the floor, but also to put a good ball or throw, put the opponent block shot or simply block to win this medal, receive a salary and bonus. Come to this is possible only in one case: start learning basketball or volleyball, opting for a particular sport, from early childhood.

According to experts, the basketball players spendthe game more calories than their colleagues in the sport. So, at a body weight of 50 kg per hour basketball player loses 283 k / cal, and volleyball - 191. And with a weight of 90 kg - respectively, 488 and 328.

Basketball: two rings, two ends and the middle of the ball

Name of the game is made up of two English words- Basket and ball, basket ball. The main goal - to take the ball by dribbling perepasovki and go with him on his ring to someone else, throw in someone else's basket. And to the final siren to score points more than the opposing team. I play basketball - point guard, shooting guard, light and heavy hitter, center.

The main advantages that may affect the choice ofBasketball as a sport, which is engaged in: a very active and dynamic game, perfectly suited for those who love to run and jump children. Psychologists believe: basketball lessons help to develop in teenagers teamwork and responsibility for the common good result.

Many positive knitting ball game "55 "see and sports doctors. According to them, basketball, thanks to the constant movement, increases in adolescents endurance, well not only strengthens the muscles and the entire musculoskeletal system, but also the cardiovascular system.

The obvious disadvantages include the fact that matchesheld exclusively indoors, and the game itself is quite traumatic. After all, in the limited space at the same time running around and fighting for the ball just 10 huge and physically very strong men. However, women's basketball and has recently become quite athletic, and even cruel. "Turgenev's ladies," it is not exactly the place.

Volleyball: all attention ligaments

The name of the game with two teams of 6 peopleeach consists of English words and volley ball. Translated they mean volley ball. Unlike basketball, and this is one of the undoubted advantages, volleyball allowed to play on the street or even on the beach. Moreover, in the simplified "2 by 2" format or even fewer garments.

Over time, volleyball outside the hall becameindependent views. Having its own name - beach volleyball (beach volleyball), he won the right to even participate in the Summer Olympics on a par with his classic "brother."

Instead of rings in volleyball is a grid, and the totalthe number of players on the court - not 10, but 12 Position - binder ( "bond") or passer, diagonal, blocking, attacking first and second tempo libero.

The main advantage in comparison with basketballIt considered a great safety. After all, there is almost no physical contact players separated grid as severe injuries. But increasingly there are combinational and variability that develops great mind, creativity and ability to think. The undoubted advantages include jumping, and more prolonged than in basketball, and reaction.

Besides volleyball can be played in a fairlyadvanced age, even almost moving on a small platform. It is not so necessary, compared again with basketball, athleticism and outstanding musculature. Benefits for health: strengthening muscles and ligaments stretch and flexibility, improved vision and coordination.

Outs are considered high number of falls andfrequent injuries of fingers and hands, as well as a certain monotony and monotony game movements. Not very pleasant to spectators and television rather frequent tightness matches over time.


All modern sports are quite good andIt is useful not only for adults but also for children. And the infamous form and content. The main thing you need to deal with them with a "cold" head wisely, not only listen to the coach, but also to one's own body. Do not forget also to relax, recover and qualitatively warm up. And choosing to try to focus on self-interest and physical data on the presence in the hometown of specialized sports schools and good coaches.

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