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Which is better: USB flash drive or external hard drive?

Which is better: USB flash drive or external hard drive?

Flash drives - is the necessary items for the transmission and storage of information.

They enjoyed each person, regardless of status and position.

The fact which one is better, reliability and durability, it is necessary to understand in detail.

Modern users require separationconfidential and personal information. This may contribute to various reasons: virus attacks, confidential or proprietary information, which should not be in the public domain, for obvious reasons. For this purpose, use removable storage media. Which one is better: USB flash drive or external hard drive?

Pros and cons of portable devices

In the matter, it is better to choose to work withinformation should build on its importance, the speed of access and the requirements that are put forward to the support. In stick and external hard disk drive has its advantageous features and complexity, they should pay attention.

Advantages of External Hard Drive

1, Convenient and durable.
2.; Puts a large file, there is no need to use multiple flash drives.
3; The ability to operate an unlimited number of the disk, as opposed to the stick, the shelf life expires at the 10,000th record.

Cons following devices: a requirement for additional port for power, it is expensive, for 250 GB product should be up to three thousand rubles, low resistance to temperature changes.

An external hard drive is available in two types: a standard 3.5-inch and 2.5-inch miniature. The first of them takes the role of increasing memory on a laptop or computer. It is heavy, and requires additional power. The second has a smaller weight and size of memory, but it has the shockproof properties.

Characteristics of the stick

1; The low price of the device. For example, a device with a memory capacity of 16 GB will cost 800 rubles.
2, Easy to use, takes up little space, practical in office work, for pupils and students.
3, has a high rate of data read or write.
4, Low power absorption, which is very important if the laptop is not connected to the network.
5; A wide range of shapes and colors flashcards.

Of the minuses should highlight the lack of USB-ports in some gadgets, as well as the impossibility of reproducing the information, if the flash drive is "broken."

Answering the question of what the device is preferred: external hard drive or USB flash drive, it must be said that it is better to have on your desktop, and then, and more. Although the confrontation between the two required user devices will long continue.

Information measured on a colossal scale,places to store it sorely lacking. Looking for compact vehicles, which provide a large amount. It is understood that only the external hard disk meets such requirements.

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