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How best to choose a mountain bike


Which is better to choose a mountain bike </a>

Today, mountain biking isA very popular sport, which is fond of a large number of people. If you decide to join the fans of cycling, first of all decide in which conditions and in what style you will ride it.

The chosen model of a bicycle should correspond to your requests and material possibilities, therefore some advice on its choice will not be superfluous.

Mountain bikes

Modern mountain bike manufacturersBreak products into classes, allowing the buyer to decide on the choice, focusing on their individual wishes and the amount that he is willing to spend on a really good bike. The cost of mountain bikes differs from $ 150 to $ 7,000 for a single production model. Each functional feature has its own price and limit, below which any other options are excluded.

When choosing a mountain bike is not recommended to save money, because usually this leads to additional costs.

The most popular and high-quality modelMountain bike is a universal lightweight bike with one suspension. It is called a cross-country bicycle, which differs from its counterparts by wide ribbed tires and 26-inch wheels. In addition, all models of this type are equipped with a well-cushioned front fork. Cross-country bike is universal for any trips - even for bike rides on roads and parks that can not boast of ideal roads.

Features of a cross-country bicycle

At the first rolling of a mountain bike,Ride on it, listening attentively to the bike. He should not publish friction, squeaks and other extraneous noise. If the bike is noiseless, it can be safely purchased. After driving the first thirty kilometers, it is advisable to carry out maintenance - lubricate chains and rope shirts, tighten knitting needles, adjust gears and so on.

Do not carry out maintenance immediately after buying a bicycle - the chain and the stars should "rub off" each other dry for a clearer coincidence.

In addition, you need to monitor the pumping of cameras,Which for mountain bicycles should be expressed in characteristics from 3,5 to 5 atmospheres. Too little pressure in them can damage the rim of the wheels when you hit a pothole. Too much pressure will accelerate the wear of the tire, increase the risk of a puncture and reduce ride comfort - the over-inflated wheel does not sufficiently shrink small road cracks, especially if the bike is not equipped with a shock-absorbing front fork. If the wheels are inflated recently, and the pressure is almost gone, you need to go to the bike shop, where the bike chambers are checked for micro-punctures or the nipple malfunction.

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