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That it is better to buy: Euro or dollars?

Is it better to buy: Euro or dollars?

People who are well versed in finance, earn decent money in buying and selling currencies.

That is why the question "What is more advantageous to purchase: euro or dollars," and is still relevant to this day.

Many people who have deposits in different banks,often conduct operations such as translation of a contribution from one currency to another, buying dollars and euros, and earnings on currency devaluation. These three operations with savings are closely related to each other, as in the complex allow the investor to earn decent money.

Purchase and sale of currency

Most often, investors buy and then sell a different currency. The purpose of these operations is the augmentation of its capital. Very popular are, of course, dollars and euros.
If you want to earn on its capital,buying and selling currency, you should hold the foreign exchange market analysis. Over the past two or three years there was a trend rise in price of the euro and a gradual decline in the dollar's value. A few years ago, financial analysts considered the acquisition of profitable dollar, but now their opinion has changed dramatically.

In connection with the events began to gradually decrease the value of the dollar in Ukraine in recent months. That is why at the moment should think twice before buying foreign currency.

First of all, the fall of the dollar andEuro related to political factors. Experts suggest that such changes to have been caused by artificial exchange market. That's why experts do not recommend right now to make significant purchases of foreign currency in order to not lose money.

Is it better to buy: Dollars or Euros

To date, none of the financier does not give youa specific answer to this question. Risk investors, of course, can buy and the dollars and the euro, but no guarantees the preservation of their contribution no one will be able to give them. Based on the information of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, now profitable to still buy the euro, as the currency is much more stable than the dollar.

Euro compared to the dollar is more stable currency. This can be seen, if only because it is not so long ago, almost a default has occurred in the United States.

currency devaluation

Another profitable operation - earnings oncurrency devaluation. Russian citizens are accustomed to earn a devaluation of the ruble, but today it is possible to carry out such operations with the dollar and the euro. You can buy a large amount in one currency and then sell it as soon as the exchange rate rises. It should be noted that such a strategy is very risky, as none of the financiers will not be able to announce the forecast change in currency value, even for the next six months.


If you want to not only maintain but alsoincrease your savings, you should closely monitor any changes in the currency market, as well as listen to the analysts said. Today you can buy Euros and wait until the time when the value of the currency will rise.
If you have a dollar deposit you should think about the transfer of savings into another currency. It is possible further decline of the dollar in the past few months.

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