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What is the best buy digital camera

These were the camera before the arrival of numerals

Digital cameras are becoming more powerful, faster, better.

The fact that today it is possible to remove the usual soap, yesterday was only by professional equipment.

It is important to understand exactly what to buy, not to be trapped.

When purchasing any equipment primarilyyou need to decide what you need. Advertising, public opinion, even the advice of friends do not always have value if you decide to buy a digital camera. In the wake of the fashion trends to buy something expensive, and complex it is not always wise. On the other hand, if you aspire to become a professional photographer, spending thousands of dollars can be justified.

Everyone on camera

If you intend to keep in the familyalbum only family holidays. Sometimes leave on vacation and photograph the sights. If your plans do not include the page to get to the expensive photo magazines, the usual "Soap" is more than enough. Each such unit has several modes: "Auto", "Portrait", "Night Scene", "Sport" and so on. Gently turning the wheel or the click of a button, you can easily find a suitable option. The quality of the images will satisfy the most demanding amateur.

Neither the camera does not make you a real photographer, is more important than your own experience.

In addition, there are simple tricks to help withthe conventional apparatus to achieve high-quality results. For example, whenever possible, use a tripod or monopod simply. Learning to use "Photoshop" to correct the bad shots. " Learn how to focus and catch the moment of successful shooting, subject to weather conditions. All this comes with practice, and the result is very decent. And the usual "Soap" are available within a few thousand. This is sufficient to remove at least good.
Another thing, if you are in the soul master photographer,then a good camera is a must. It should be a good camera for tens of thousands of rubles, but the result of matching. The difficulty is that a lot of serious device settings. Many of them can be adjusted manually, whereas in the soap case more preset options are taken.
When the modes can be adjusted on the soul andown understanding, really achieve interesting results. In addition, options are provided at the interchange of professional equipment. There are many additional lenses, flashes, tripods, special nozzles that enhance the photos and make his work easier and more creative. If you are willing to wait for one picture days, and perhaps weeks. If you are aiming to show the world surroundings in a new way. If at the same time willing to pay a round sum for the equipment, then the professional equipment for you.

Nikon or Canon

The eternal debate regarding two of Photographersfirms that passed in a subtitle. Some believe one brand more quickly, and some another. Some think that one brand of color saturation, and the other in another.

There is no better brand or a better brand - only their own preferences.

There is no definite opinion on this matter. And here is the issue of not advertising, but common sense. Because if you have a sincere desire to do it is not so important what brand to buy. It is important to have a sense of the artist and the skill with accumulated experience. Pay attention to the fact that the shoot rather than the what.

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