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How best to buy a digital camera

Such were the cameras before the arrival of the figure</a>

Digital cameras are becoming more powerful, faster, better.

What today can be removed with a conventional soap box, yesterday only the professional equipment was able to do it.

It is very important to understand what exactly to buy, so as not to get trapped.

When buying any equipment, first of all,You need to decide what you need it for. Advertising, public opinion, even the advice of friends do not always matter if you decide to purchase a digital camera. On the wave of a fashionable trend, buying something expensive and complicated is not always wise. On the other hand, if you aspire to become a professional photographer, spending thousands of dollars can be justified.

To each camera

If you intend to save in a familyAlbum only family holidays. Sometimes you go on vacation and take pictures of sights. If your plans do not include getting on the pages of expensive photo magazines, the usual "soap box" will be more than enough. In each such device there are several modes: "Auto", "Portrait", "Night shooting", "Sport" and so on. A slight turn of the wheel or a click of a button can easily find the right option. The quality of the received pictures will satisfy the most demanding amateur.

No camera will make you a real photographer, more important is your own accumulated experience.

In addition, there are simple tricks that helpThe usual apparatus to achieve qualitative results. For example, at any opportunity to use a tripod or simply a monopod. Learn how to use Photoshop to correct unsuccessful images. " Learn to focus and catch the moment of successful shooting while observing weather conditions. All this comes with practice, and the result will be very decent. And the usual "soapboxes" are available within a few thousand rubles. This is enough to shoot at least well.
Another thing, if in the shower you are a master of photo artist,Then a good machine is simply necessary. A good camera is already tens of thousands of rubles, but the result is also appropriate. The difficulty is that in a serious phone there are a lot of settings. Many of them can be adjusted manually, while the soap box is more often pre-installed shooting options.
When the modes can be adjusted to your liking andOwn understanding, really achieve interesting results. In addition, professional technology provides options for mutual replacement. There are many additional lenses, flares, tripods, special attachments that expand the capabilities of the photographer and make his work easier and more creative. If you are ready to wait for days, maybe weeks. If you are trying to show the world around from the new side. If at the same time you are ready to pay a round sum for the equipment, then professional equipment is for you.

Nikon or Canon

The eternal dispute of photographers concerning twoFirms that are made in the subtitle. Someone thinks one brand faster, but someone else. Some think that one brand has more saturated colors, and the other has a different color.

There is no better brand or better brand - only your own preferences.

There is no unequivocal opinion on this matter. And here is not considered a question of advertising, but common sense. Because if you have a sincere desire to create, it is not so important what brand to buy. It is important to have an artist's flair and skill accumulated with experience. Pay attention to what you shoot, not on what.

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