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Which is better: iphone or htc?

Which is better: iphone or htc?

Apple and HTC's quite a long time are competitors in the mobile market.

iPhone owner can spend hours arguing with the owner of the device htc mobile phone capacities.

iOS or Android?

HTC smartphone has Android operating system,while the iPhone is controlled by iOS «home». There are many issledovaniy- each has cvoi followers about the merits of mobile operating systems. While Steve Jobs called Google, developer Android «bastards copied iOS», his remark is largely due to the desire to protect the intellectual monopoly existed.
iOS system boasts a convenient and logicalinterface, but it is not easy to change by themselves - in comparison with Android, of course. Glory of the operating system from Google brought extensibility, "live" wallpaper. It is easy to update and modify. The advantage can be called Siri iOS system - Logical voice control system.
In general, there is a perception that the system Android (andHTC) are more suited to people who want to understand the "iron" the phone itself customize the functionality "for themselves." iOS system (and iPhone) is more suitable to customers wishing to use the pre-configured unit.

Retina sensor or HTC?

Screens Apple and HTC mobile devices attractits gloss and high sensitivity. In the beginning, the iPhone was the only smartphone with a touch screen. HTC has also assessed the importance of developments in the area of ​​the screen color. HTC qHD screens have the technology. Retina (in the "retina" translation) has a high resolution. So you can look at the iPhone screen without noticing the pixels. HTC Resolution is also quite high, but because of the brightness of the screen pixels is still visible.


Processor - one of the most important parts of anysmartphone on its power and architecture depends on the speed and the level of problems to be solved by the mobile device. HTC company develops a "capacity expansion" format, while Apple, having the ability to optimize the "iron" for the operating system (and vice versa). Apple has moved to the first processors with bit depth of 64 bits (versus 32-bit processors from HTC). Thus, the "apple" of the company from Cupertino has a strategic advantage in the processor architecture. HTC to compete with the iPhone in power, but significantly inferior in performance due to processor technology.

AppStore or Google.Play?

To write programs for iOS devicesyou must have Mac and developer certificate (year certificate worth $ 100). To write applications for Android can be on any computer. You do not need to pay for a developer license.
Open Google.Play imbued with the spirit of competition. The application can put everyone they are pre-moderated. All AppStore applications, in contrast, investigates Apple's testing department. Thus, it is believed that although the applications for Google is much more quality in general loses analogues for iOS. This question is considered to be controversial, as most of the major developers releasing games and apps for the AppStore, and for Google.Play.

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