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Which is better: independent suspension and semi-independent?

It looks like a semi-independent suspension

When buying a car is usually guided by the power of the engine, the volume of the luggage compartment trim.

However, this is not the whole car: it creates a safety suspension and comfort while running.

On modern cars use several types of pendants, each of which is designed for use in specific circumstances.

Suspension of the modern car - a complex structure,implying the existence of the elements of mechanics, pneumatics, hydraulics, and even electronics. The successful combination of several systems makes it comfortable to drive a car, do not feel the pothole. Another problem is the suspension - the binding into a whole body of car and the wheels. At the dawn of the automotive engineering was known only to a dependent suspension. Later we developed a successful independent, semi-independent system. They both have their pros, cons.

Independent suspension

Here, both wheels are not connected Intermedia isor their influence on each other slightly. One of the most prominent "representatives" of such a system - link front suspension "Lada" (classic). The wheel is suspended on a pair of arms, the outer ends of which are connected by hinges to the wheel, and attached to the internal body cars. This system has good kinematics wheels. The minus is a small suspension travel difficulties for mounting on front-wheel drive car.
Another option offered independent suspensionengineers from Mersedes. The design includes a tubular 5 rychagov- 2 of them support the wheel, and 3 give the required position in the space. Such a multi-link system has good advantages in kinematics - cars comfortable control at any speed. The suspension is quite expensive, so set mainly in the auto category representation.
But the "best seller" in the family of independentsuspension system is rightly considered McPherson. There are also lower arms are attached to the body, but the front is essentially turned into a support for the springs and strut. From the consumer's perspective, this arrangement, in comparison with "Zhigulevskaya" is not more comfortable. Plus - in fewer parts, which is important for manufacturers. McPherson suspension in front-wheel-mounted machines. Initially, this system was designed for "small cars and good roads." Therefore, driving with a broken suspension on the surface of the road leads to the destruction and the suspension and bodywork.

Semi-independent suspension

It occupies an intermediate position between independent,dependent systems. Structurally is a pair of trailing arms fastened crossbar. Using a suspension of this type is only possible behind - it is installed on almost all front-wheel drive cars. Among the Russian cars - this model VAZ2108-VAZ2115. Plus, such a suspension - a good kinematics, light weight, ease of construction. Minus - the restriction on the installation possibilities - not only leading rear axle.
As a result, we can conclude that the use ofsemi-independent and independent suspension. The first option is ideal for the back to the front-wheel drive vehicle axle. The second type of suspension should be selected in accordance with the terms ekspluatatsii- if it's a good road, the suit "McPherson", if you plan to ride over bumps, it is best to choose a suspension with wishbones. If funds are sufficient, and the trip will take place on the pavement quality, you can choose a multi-link system.

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