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WHAT floor will be easier and cheaper to make in the kitchen

There are many different ways to make a simple and inexpensive kitchen floor

Covering the kitchen floor is usually the most expensive in the house. After all materials must be strong enough to withstand the harsh conditions of space.

Spilled liquid on which the floor is sticky and dirty, falling objects, including sharp knives and forks - all these misfortunes can only withstand rugged and often expensive material.

If you look closely to the material for the coverthe kitchen floor, then the choice will be limited. But do not get hung up on commonly used surfaces like kitchen tiles. In today's market you can find a variety of cheap materials. The quality they differ little from their expensive counterparts, but at a price - yes, and to the benefit of the buyer.

Brick flooring in the kitchen

Brick, laid under the feet creates a sense ofwarmth and comfort. The soft, earthy shades fill the space of the room atmosphere of comfort. At the same time, the opportunity to choose the color, shape and size of bricks, as well as drawing styling - a real find for lovers of creating original designs.
In addition to the cost of an inexpensive material should be taken into accountthe costs of covering of the floor. Sealing bricks needed to protect it from stains. The insulation will need to do immediately after laying the floor. Periodically, it is necessary to repeat.
You should also consider the cost of laying bricks.

Brick - the material is heavy, and difficult to work with him. You can put to the floor, but it will take more time. A correct sloppy work done may be more expensive than invite masters.

Paul Concrete

concrete floor for the most economical home side in the kitchen- Is ideal. Perhaps you already have a surface layer of concrete under the existing coating. Then the savings will be even greater. Caring for the concrete floor is not too costly. Concrete - durable, resistant material impervious to dirt and water. Its hard to scratch, crack and break. From time to time it is necessary to isolate, to avoid moisture and mold. Caring for a concrete floor. Its fairly regularly sweep and mop.
And if you get tired of the grim view of the concrete floor, it can be covered with any flooring, linoleum on the tiles before.

Cork kitchen floor

Unique and attractive natural cork will charm your guests. Stepping on the wooden cover, you feel like a soft pillow under your feet.

Cork - a novelty among the flooring. By installing it, you make aristocratic accent to the room without going bankrupt in the process.

Put a cork floor inexpensively. Laying cork sheet require the involvement of a specialist. But more often jam is sold in the form of tiles. These tiles are self-adhesive on the basis of very easy to lay, even for beginners. Floating floors on the basis of cork tiles - this is a very simple method of laying.
The disadvantage of cork is its instability toto dirt and bumps. To compensate these disadvantages, you can use the annual coverage of cork floor sealant layer. Trim nails and egged pets sharp heels felt. To repair a floor, the top layer can be removed stopper, provided that it is sufficiently thick.

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