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Cord L29 - the world's first serial front-drive car

The first cars, for the most part, hadrear-wheel drive. This is due to the fact that in the early twentieth century, it was difficult to implement a constructive idea on the drive wheels driven in large car.

But in the 30 years begin to appear front-wheel drive cars, which became popular in the 60s and 70s.

It should be noted that modern technology,helping the driver to control the car, nearly equalize front and rear-wheel drive cars in the consumer qualities, as well as in security and manageability. Therefore, the choice between front-wheel and rear-wheel drive is often determined by vehicle class: luxury cars are rear-wheel drive, low - front.

Front-wheel drive

Under conditions of mass productionfront-wheel drive cars are more expensive than rear-wheel drive. Front-wheel drive cars also rightly considered to be safer and better controlled during acceleration and uniform riding on peredneprivodnikah easier to get out of a skid. In addition, the front-wheel drive cars have a few better cross - drive wheels do not run into the obstacle and overcome it.
However, during heavy acceleration vehicle weightredistributed to the rear wheels. The front, drive wheels are unloaded and the acceleration efficiency is reduced. By sharp pressing on the gas pedal to the steering wheel in certain conditions can be transmitted to the reactive power, and the steering wheel can be strong enough to twitch. In terms of ice, heavy rain, wet snow on the drive there is a danger of demolition, which is difficult to deal with an inexperienced driver. Therefore, in front-wheel drive cars it is recommended to enter the turns at a safe speed and be careful to work the gas pedal.
Less significant deficiencies front-wheel drive - lower structural reliability of transmission components and more time-consuming repair, and limited angles of rotation of the front wheels.

Rear drive

As a rule, on the rear-wheel drive vehiclesthe probability of leaving in the bank higher than in the front-wheel. Therefore, they are considered less secure. Therefore, rear-wheel drive foreign cars at the factory equipped with a variety of electronic systems that increase manageability. And the owners of domestic RWD "classic" just try not to be dispersed on the ice and in heavy rain. It is for this reason, statistics of hits in the same car accident with any type of drive. In addition, already caused a skid on the rear wheel drive car is eliminated easier than FWD. But for that the driver needs to work out automatism skill dropping gas while turning the steering wheel in the direction of the skid. With sufficient training of the driver, the rear drive easier to take turns in a controlled drift.
Less significant deficiencies rear-wheel drive -the higher the mass of the car due to the PTO shaft as well as a smaller usable floor space in the passenger compartment by a tunnel, which passes the same driveshaft.
Summarizing all the above, it can be noted that the front-wheel drive has an advantage in slippery roads, and back - on dry pavement.

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