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Which dog is the most kind</a>

Each breed of dogs has its own specific and unique character. Naturally, there are aggressive animals, furiously barking at each passer-by.

However, most dogs are friendly and dedicated, which, however, does not prevent them from protecting their owner from danger.

What kind of breed is the most kind?

The most kind dog

Natural food for an adult retriever
The most kind character is possessed by the breedGolden retrievers, which originated from England and Scotland. The life expectancy of an average retroviral is from ten to twelve years. These hunting dogs are considered the most delicate, kind and intelligent, and their appearance is very beautiful and attractive. Golden retrievers have a rounded form of paws, strong strong limbs, hanging ears, a long muscular neck and eyes of pleasant dark brown color.

Retrievers have straight or wavy hair, the color of which can be any cream or gold shade.

This breed has good memory and excellentA flair that allows the use of golden retrievers in search of explosives and drugs, and also use them in rescue operations. Retrievers are not characterized by aggression, they are by nature very calm and affectionate, do not bark for any reason and are very fond of children with whom they can play almost the whole day. To make a golden retriever perform a command, you do not even need to raise your voice - they so want to please the master that they obey instantly and without question.

Advantages of retrievers

Golden retriever how to grow
Golden retrievers are extremely sociableAnimals with great devotion, as well as excellent physical and psychological qualities. They have a very stable psyche, so the retrievers never bite either their masters or their children. In a fight with another dog, golden retrievers enter only if there is aggression on her part - while they can quite protect themselves and their master.

This breed has a very large mental potential, so the retrievers unmistakably guess the emotions and intonations of its owner.

The most joyous event for the goldenRetriever are joint entertainment with the master - work or play. Traditionally, these dogs are very tactful and delicate, and their kind disposition and flexible nature easily allow them to get on with other animals and even cats. Golden retrievers who have received special training are often used as guide dogs or dogs working with sick people in rehabilitation centers. Retrievers are able to find people after earthquakes, natural disasters and other disasters, and their endurance allows them to work on a par with trained rescuers.

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