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Which dog is better suited for the protection of the territory

What dog is best suited for the protection of the territory

Dog - is not only a friend and companion, withwhich you can play ball in the arms lie on the couch. It can greatly facilitate the life of a person to be an assistant in the hunt, guide and bodyguard.

There are security and quality of dogs, for which they often give birth.


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Alabai or Central Asian Shepherd perfectlyfor the protection of a large area. If you need to keep an eye on the house with an enormous plot or you are involved in the protection of objects, Alabai can become a great helper. This is a strong and hardy dog, unpretentious and feels great on the street. However, Central Asian Shepherd has steep tetchy, and it should start a man who will be able to cope with the dog. training course for such an animal should be mandatory. Alabai is unlikely to be a dog companion, responsive to the slightest change in the mood of the owner, but if you do this, you do not need and then your home will be protected.
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Caucasian Shepherd Dog

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Caucasian Shepherd - another large dog withDeveloped guard instinct. In conjunction with this breed inherent mistrust of strangers, these qualities make "Caucasian" an excellent candidate for the protection of the territory. Unlike Alabais, Caucasian Shepherd Dog is capable of being not only a security guard, and a loyal friend. She also needs a host, which she will be respected, but after the dog understand his place in the hierarchy, and agree with him, it would be loving and loyal member of the pack, which is not afraid to trust and protection of home and children.
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German Shepherd

The German Shepherd Dog is not as strong as alabaior Caucasian, but if you want a dog that can protect the territory, but live in an apartment, able to be a bodyguard and take part in games, intolerant of outsiders, violating the borders of its territory, but tied to households, this breed will be for you an excellent option . It's smart and loyal dog with a calm nature, suitable for carrying the most varied services. German Shepherds have high ability to learn and able to great lengths to gain the approval of the owner.

Black Russian Terrier

Black Russian Terrier - dog breed, bred in the USSR. It is perfectly suited for the guard service, tolerates the cold, has long limbs and powerful jaws, leaving little chance for an attacker to escape. Black Russian Terrier is perfectly amenable to training, and the owner will not be difficult to develop in him the desired quality. However, black terrier - this is not a dog that can be put on the chain and leave to protect a country cottage, only occasionally coming to feed the animal. This dog needs a full contact with a loving owner and his family.

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