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Which days are favorable for planting cabbage


Planting cabbage favorable for that day can be a guarantee of a good harvest for the summer resident.

The choice of the date for sowing of seeds affected by weather conditions, people's signs, lunar calendar, and many other factors.



Even in ancient Rus cabbage and other crops notrecommended to put in "male" days - Monday and Thursday or Tuesday. These dates were considered infertile. Experienced gardeners to notice that non-compliance with this rule, cabbage did not differ a good growth, it is often ruined by pests and diseases.


Among the "male" days, there are some exceptions. For example, auspicious days for planting cabbage considered Maundy Thursday and the first Monday after Easter. The ideal day for this same culture is a Saturday.


Traditionally cabbage seeds begin to prepare forplanting at the beginning of March or the beginning of May. If cabbage early varieties, the seeds sown in early March, and in the open ground seedlings are planted in late March or early April. This should definitely use a greenhouse or a greenhouse. If sprouts late varieties, the data is transferred to the date in May. Earlier this month, cabbage sown and planted by the end of May.


According to the lunar calendar it is not recommended to plant cabbages at the growing moon, during the new and full moon. Waning Moon - an ideal time for sowing seeds.


Please note that the lunar calendar everIt is never constant. If you are interested in planting and sowing cabbage rules in accordance with those rules, it is better to buy a special schedule for the current year. Astrologers claim that the seedling growth and quality of the future harvest directly affect the phase of the moon.


If you do not trust the lunar calendar and nottoo tend to stick to people's will, the most important thing you should look for when planting cabbage - is favorable weather conditions. To seedlings grew well and was strong, it needs a full day light, lasting no less than 13 hours. Usually these days occur in April and May. Rarely, these conditions can be observed as early as March.


The minimum temperature for the growth of the markcabbage in the open ground - 13 degrees. Otherwise seedlings will die, and return it to the life you do not get. If the weather conditions are unstable, it is better to postpone the landing of cabbage on days of May. Sowing seeds is best carried out in late March or early April.

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