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How are the days favorable for planting cabbage?



Planting cabbage in favorable for this day can be a guarantee of a good harvest for the summer resident.

The choice of dates for sowing seeds is affected by weather conditions, folk signs, the lunar calendar and many other factors.



Even in Ancient Rus, cabbage and other crops are notRecommended to put in the "male" days - Monday, Thursday or Tuesday. Such dates were considered infertile. Experienced truck farmers noticed that if this rule was not observed, the cabbage did not show good growth, it was often destroyed by pests and diseases.


Among the "male" days there are some exceptions. For example, a good day for planting cabbage is considered pure Thursday and the first Monday after Easter. The ideal day for this culture is Saturday.


Traditionally, cabbage seeds are being prepared forSowing in early March or early May. If cabbage of early varieties, the seeds are sown in early March, and in the open ground seedlings are planted in late March or early April. It is absolutely necessary to use a greenhouse or a greenhouse. If cabbage of late varieties, then the date data is transferred to May. At the beginning of the month, cabbage is sown, and planted near the end of May.


According to the Lunar calendar, it is not recommended to plant cabbage with the growing Moon, during the new moon and full moon. The waning moon is an ideal period for sowing seeds.


Note that the Lunar Calendar neverIs not permanent. If you are interested in the rules of planting and sowing cabbage in accordance with these rules, it is better to purchase a special schedule in advance for the current year. Astrologers argue that the growth of seedlings and the quality of future crops are directly affected by the phases of the moon.


If you do not trust the Lunar calendar and do notAre too inclined to stick to people's decisions, the most important thing to pay attention to when planting cabbage is favorable weather conditions. In order for the seedlings to grow well and be strong, it needs a full-day light day lasting at least 13 hours. Usually such days come in April-May. Rarely such conditions can be observed already in March.


Minimum mark of air temperature for growthCabbage in the open ground - 13 degrees. Otherwise, the seedlings will die, and you will not be able to bring it back to life. If the weather conditions are unstable, then cabbage planting is better to be transferred to the May days. Seeding is best done in late March or early April.

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