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Which countries are in Latin America

Which countries are in Latin America

Latin America - a group of American States, held in the south of North America, South America mainland and the island of the Caribbean.

Countries are united to the group on the historical and cultural heritage and way of life.

The predominant languages ​​- Spanish, Portuguese, French.

On the territory of the Latin American area of ​​21 million sq. M. 46 km from the States to a greater or lesser extent different from each other.

Latin American

The largest and more countries are politically significant Latin American countries.
This is the largest Latin American country with the largest population. The country is attractive to tourists nightlife, impassable jungles and spectacular waterfalls.
Unique country, almost the most popular among travelers. Famous for the most popular beaches in the world, diving, ancient buildings of Maya and Aztecs.
The country is rich in a variety of attractions andentertainment (bullfights, feeding predators, wine festivals, racing motorcycles, the dolphin show, and others.) Amazing nature of national parks with waterfalls and rare animals, skiing - the inherent dignity of Argentina.
Costa Rica
This country appreciated the unique nature: volcanoes, nature reserves, mountain slopes, lakes, underwater national park and exotic beaches.
This Latin American state drawstourists with its unshakable ecosystem. The country boasts the highest waterfall in the world - Angel, rain forests of the Orinoco River and a large variety of flora.
It is a mysterious country with sites of historical significance - Cusco, Machu Picchu.
The state with beautiful scenery, a popular ski resort.
Multinational mountainous country with salt hotels and deserts, mountain lake Titicaca.
This state is famous for its luxury resorts, snow-capped peaks of the Andes, frequent festivals and fairs.
For less developed countries in terms of economy and tourism can be attributed to Panama, Uruguay, Paraguay, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Belize, Guyana and Guatemala.

Insular Latin America

For island states as part of the Latin American countries are the West Indies:
- the Barbados
- Grenada-
- Dominican Republic-
- Dominika-
- St. Vinsent-
- Grenadiny-
- St. Kits-
- Nevis-
- St. Lyusiya-
- Yamayka-
- Trinidad-
- Tobago-
- Antigua-
- Barbuda-
- Bahamas - tiny but rich country with a high standard of living and the economy, it is famous for its luxury hotels and pink flamingo-
- Haiti - almost the poorest country in the world, corruption and dictatorship do not give prosperity to the state, and often only exacerbate the economic earthquake polozhenie-
- Cuba is different low-cost shopping, cigars, rum, as well as advanced surfing and water skiing.
World Latin America is unusual and unique, since it is characterized not only an interesting style of communication between people, but also climatic conditions, extremely beautiful nature.

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