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Which company to buy a vacuum cleaner

Which company to buy a vacuum cleaner

One important parameter required for the whole home appliances, and in particular for a vacuum cleaner, is reliability.

It usually depends on the manufacturer.

Therefore, to determine the requirements in terms of functionality, it is necessary to think about what the brand can provide a long service life of the vacuum cleaner.

General rules for the vacuum cleaner of the brand of choice

Whatever positive feedback about this or thatbrand you may have heard, but any company equipment can break. So before you buy a vacuum cleaner of a brand, be sure to ask the seller if there are nearby shops, performing warranty repair and service. This is especially true of expensive washing vacuum cleaners, their warranty repair can cost you quite expensive because the service, especially in the regions, not up to par.
Even a reputable brand can not letsuccessful model, which will be inconvenient to use. Opt for a particular model before you buy it, be sure to take an interest in the Internet consumer reviews, this vacuum cleaner has already been tested in operation.

What brand to choose

There are companies that produce the most differenthome appliances - from mobile phones and hairdryers to vacuum cleaners, refrigerators and TV sets, and there are those that specialize solely in the manufacture of vacuum cleaners. As a rule, their technique is really perfected. This German manufacturers and Thomas Karcher, the British firm Vax, Zelmer Polish and American Bissel. They produce professional equipment and household cleaners, model selection is not very large, but there is no doubt the quality of products.

Especially popular are the models of the company, and Thomas Karcher, equipped with aqua filters: Thomas TWIN TT AQUAFILTER, Thomas GENIUS AQUAFILTER, Thomas Bravo 20S Aquafilter, Karcher DS 5500 VEX.

As for the other popular brands, they can bedivided by price categories. For example, in the range from 1.5 to 3.5 thousand rubles can buy conventional vacuum cleaners for dry cleaning from Samsung, the Philips or the LG, at the vacuum cleaner which has a 7-mistupenchataya filtration system.
By the mid-range, from 3.5 to 10 thousandrubles are vacuum cleaners equipped with aqua-filter - a technique the company Electrolux, Panasonic, Hoover and the Bosch, as well as Samsung and Philips. They have additional functions, for example, from Panasonic brush vacuum cleaners are equipped with built-in touch dust indicator, which allows to control the degree of purification and the purity of the processed surfaces.

So make your choice based on your needs, it makes no sense to pay more for those features that you will not use.

In the category of "premium" are basically detergentsvacuum cleaners, which cost more than 10 thousand rubles. Here recognized authority considered the German company Miele. Its vacuum cleaners are equipped with an electronic power control which allows to adjust the power consumption depending on the level of contamination of the surface.

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