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Electric Oven

In today's world the oven or oven - simply irreplaceable thing in every kitchen. With the help of the oven, you can cook a variety of dishes - from simple dishes to gourmet muffins countries.

When properly selected oven, cooking does not take much time and will bring the hostess a lot of fun.

Modern ovens on the control methodare dependent and independent. Dependent work only in conjunction with the hob, independent can work separately from the hob with the control panel on your body. Most ovens are now working on electricity, it is much more convenient than gas equipment. Mounted oven anywhere: under the table, in the column under the windowsill.

The electric ovens can be accurately set the cooking temperature and maintain it at an optimal level all the time cooking.

Ovens with gas heating - the mostcommon. These ovens will be useful in the summer kitchen, for example, working from a gas cylinder. They have useful features such as a grill, a skewer and gas control.

German quality

The most popular manufacturing companies windcabinets - Bosch and Miele. The Bosch ovens have long enjoyed popularity among customers, thanks to its design, ergonomics, economy and a high level of security. In these ovens, there are many functions that allow you to cook it from simple pizza to grilled meats. It is possible to defrost foods, and is also present cleaning system that facilitates the process of care for the oven.
Miele ovens are known for their accuracy andGerman quality. They differ in the accuracy of temperature control, even smart appliances deviation is corrected in one degree, and when selecting a particular function, the technique will offer the optimal temperature. Thanks to the residual heat oven can save up to 20% of electricity. And when you select auto mode, it displays the time remaining for the preparation of meals. An added bonus is a thermometer to measure the temperature of food and diagonal rotating spit.

Swedish stability and professionalism

Good reviews on electric housewivesovens Electrolux Swedish company. Even those models that were purchased 10 years ago, still serve perfectly. Simple mechanical switch handle, such as the model Electrolux 33100 is very reliable.

In some models, there is a function of the walls blowing cold air to secure furniture and appliances in the kitchen by heating.

Numerous combinations of modes of operationfan and uniform heating to 50 ° C allow to dry fruits and vegetables. Growth rates from one oven to the next is connected only with the number of options. The quality of all the models of ovens Electrolux uniquely high.

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