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WHAT cat breed is the smallest

Which cat breed is the smallest

Small funny kittens are weapons of mass destruction - they cause tenderness and a desire to get their hands on.

With age, cats become more elegant and graceful, but many owners still would like to see their pets were crumbs, preserved in a children's line.

If you do not want a pet growing up, it makes sense to pay attention to the smallest breeds of cats.


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Singapore - a wonderful cat breed, originally asit follows from its name, with Singapore, located in the south-east Asia. This is a wonderful establishment with a soft silky coat without undercoat, golden cream color with dark brown markings on the head, back and tail. Singapore is the smallest breed of cats: males reach a maximum weight of three kilograms and females weighing less than two kilograms. In Singapura huge ears and big expressive eyes that very few people indifferent. The breed is so loved by the residents of the islands, that the removal of these cats from the country is prohibited by law.
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Dwarf bobtail

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Dwarf bobtail, or skiff Thai-dong - anotherminiature representative of the cat family. This is an experimental breed, bred in Russia in the late XX century. The size of an adult pygmy bobtail is comparable to the size of three or four months a kitten from an ordinary cat. For the "Scythians" characteristic color seal-point, short, often curved tail and remarkable courage. Despite its modest size, Bobtail not afraid of the things that usually seem quite daunting for other breeds. They do not confuse the dogs, opened fire and passing cars. Bobtail can be taught simple commands, and little kittens can produce sounds reminiscent of a dog barking.
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Miniature munchkin cat has a veryunusual appearance. Her physique resembles figure dachshund dog: munchkins have short legs. Such a modification - the result of a natural mutation, rather than hard work of breeders. However, to date, munchkin is officially recognized breed. The weight of males ranges from three to four kilograms, females - two to three kilograms. Munchkin are both long-haired and short-haired, they have big ears and round expressive eyes. Looking at the newborn kittens, you might think that they were born with dislocated legs, and never will be able to move around, but it is misleading, and the longer the legs will stay in this unnatural position, the shorter they are in the adult animal. Despite the apparent clumsiness, Munchkin - very agile and graceful animals. They are loyal to his master, like walking on a harness and find a common language with other animals without difficulty.

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