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WHAT phone brand is considered the best

What is considered the best phone brand

The advent of cellular communication stimulated the development of new mobile phones for 20-30 years ahead.

Even 5 years ago, brands and models of phones was too much.

Today, there is a tendency reducing the manufacturers and the formation of a competitive market, but between the two manufacturers.

Mobile Operating Systems

With the advent of smartphones - handsets withoperating system - the development of the mobile market was a foregone conclusion. Be sure to have been born flagships that will be more and more to win your share, gradually replacing other manufacturers. As a result, they are now two - Apple with iOS and Google with Android. The difference is that Apple releases their phones, while Google only offers Android in use by other producers. The most popular ones are Samsung and HTC, however, recently gaining popularity and Sony.
Modern corporations are on track to increaseresources and reduce the size of devices. This trend has created Apple with its iPhone, when in such a small phone, they managed to pack a lot of advanced features and circuits.
But each manufacturer develops its own way. And the people in the choice of the phone is no longer looking at the functionality, and the operating system. General parameters to be met by a modern machine, all the same. The difference between iOS and Android is huge, and should start with the price.

The difference between Android and iOS

The device on Android can be bought for 5000rubles, but the iPhone minimum cost is 16-17 thousand, the difference is obvious. iOS features a user-friendly interface and minimal interference with the work of the owner. Everything is done intuitively, which made Apple such a popular manufacturer. Android also gives the owner a certain freedom of configuration and open the file system, allowing you to sync your phone with your computer and other devices without any additional software.
But this is offset by the convenience of iTunes -a computer program and work with devices for Apple devices and feature iCloud, allows you to combine all the data between your Apple tablet, music player, a computer and a telephone.
It is difficult to imagine that consumers will presentmanufacturers continue, but also those, and others have an excellent chance to continue to develop and compete with each other. Gradually growing in popularity, and a third of the operating system Windows Phone and the phone on its base. Perhaps in the future this is the third member of the race in the mobile world.
Try to use and is the one and the othertechnique, so that may have to be concluded. Too controversial choice turns, and the number of iOS and Android is huge supporters around the world. Today about 80% of the phones in people - smartphones.

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