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Like a better brand of bike


Which brand of bike is better </a>

Picking yourself a good bike is quite difficult, because at the moment the market offers a huge range. A well-known brand of bicycle often guarantees the quality of transport.

However, among the brands there is competition, as a result of which qualitative products appear.

Why do I need a bicycle?

It seemed that such a simple question should not causeDifficulties for someone who is already going to buy an "iron horse" the other day. However, it is worth pondering. After all, from the ultimate goal depends on which brand is better able to meet your needs. Rarely, which firm that produces this product, it is possible to surpass its competitors in several positions at once.

You should also decide on the budget that youReady to spend to get a quality bike. After all, as many believe, these two points are closely interrelated. Although first you need to find out if this is true.

Domestic producer

Russian bicycles are far from the last in the world quality rating. And if you are also a patriot of your country - an option to purchase a domestic product - exactly what you need

If you choose a bicycle for your child,Then the guarantee of its security you can provide the company Atom. Their bicycles are really safe. Quality sealed tires will save from an unforeseen situation "on the road", and a strong frame is produced on the same platforms as the well-known brands GT and TREK. The price of these bikes is much lower.

Forward - another famous Russianmanufacturer. This brand is much more popular than the previous one, however the quality of some models leaves much to be desired. Mountain bikes and BMX from this company should not be purchased, since the depreciation and brakes that the company makes are not very good. But if you need an ordinary "walking" bike designed for driving on flat asphalt, then this is an excellent price-quality ratio.

Bicycles of American companies

Really qualitative can be calledBicycles brand Scott. The fact is that this company is not just a supplier and does not handle the assembly of bicycle parts. Since 1986, Scott has been developing his own models. They still surprise the world with their most engineering developments. Their suspension is considered to be the easiest in the world. For professional cycling or an intractable landscape this brand will do just fine. True, this is just the case when the brand and quality have to pay.

The opposite of Scott is the brandWels. These are inexpensive bicycles from America, which can be used similarly to Forward bikes. But unlike the Russian company Wels is limited to the production of children's and "urban" models.

German quality

A well-known German company Cube produces,Perhaps, the best quality bicycles in the world. Each model of this company is a premium model and is developed from start to finish using the latest technologies in the field of bicycle engineering. Cube cooperates with the company Velotech, which is known for the production of bicycle accessories, in addition, Velotech deals with the safety of bicycle products. That is why Cube products have proved themselves well from this position.

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