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Which bird is the most beautiful in the world

What is the most beautiful bird in the world

The world is full of amazing beautiful birds,that capture the imagination of their bright and unusual coloring. However, the ranking of the most beautiful birds of the world there is still a recognized winner, a spectacular appearance is almost known to everyone.

So what is this miracle bird?

History of peacocks

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Traditionally, the different cultures of the world peacockIt symbolizes the beauty, pride and immortality. In many countries it is considered a royal bird, whereas some people consider this bird sacred being. Peacock homeland is South Asia, where the decorative bird appreciated for what it warns people about the approaching thunderstorm, snakes and tigers. In Russia, the peacocks are slightly different - because they could own only rich people.

This has made the peacock a hero of the famous Russian expression "dissolved the tail like a peacock", symbolizing the vanity and selfishness.

According to ancient Greek myth, Zeus' wife,the goddess Hera, revived stoglazogo Argos, who was killed by Hermes, moving all his eyes on the peacock's tail. The Romans associated the bird with the goddess Juno, for which the winged boy about "eyes" with his tail. Romans also portrayed on their coins peacock - a symbol of imperial divinity daughters. Early Christianity tied the peacock with the symbols of the sun, beauty and immortality of the soul. There is a belief that the flesh of this bird does not rot, even after three days of lying in the ground.

The plumage of the peacock

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The most luxurious part of the peacock is itstail - rather, it nadhvoste. By itself, the peacock's tail is quite ordinary and modest. Nadhvostnaya of the peacock plumage includes all the colors of the rainbow, perfectly combining a whole range of colors. With its stunning "tuning" a female peacock submits that, by the way, unlike the male, looks pretty simple and has a small size.

In spite of the existing opinion about the smugness peacocks, spread his tail with the aim to stand out, in fact they are only attracted the attention of the females.

Dismissing his magnificent tail plumepeacock demonstrates the potential viability of their partner and their "wealth". Peacocks are the kind that you want to protect - because these beautiful birds are hunted. Their feathers and meat are considered to be quite a valuable commodity that want to get many collectors and connoisseurs. Usually the female peacock lay up to ten eggs a brownish hue, of which subsequently are born chicks, resembling its appearance banal chickens. peacocks are often purchased for zoos and country mansions, where they are used as a live ornamental decorations.

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