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In what the bank to open an account

In what the bank to open an account

Before opening an account it is necessary to determine the objectives of its use (the accumulation of money, the salary transfer or retirement, etc.).

An important point is the correct choice of the bank, it has to be reliable and stable.

How to select the account for individuals

Today the market offers a huge number of banking organizations. Before opening an account in one of them should take into account a number of criteria, including:
- Reliability of the bank - the bank must be a member of the deposit insurance system and have significant experience in the market-
- Convenient location and well-developed network of bankomatov-
- The list of documents for opening an account and the speed of opening scheta-

It is worth paying attention to the additional bank fees that the bank takes for their services (for example, for opening and maintaining accounts, service cards, etc.).

- The availability of the remote account management (Internet banking or mobile banking).
Some banks as a bonus interest on the funds in the account balance.

How to choose the account for legal entities

The question of which bank to open a currentaccount for the legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, excites many aspiring entrepreneurs. In addition to the reliability of the bank, you should pay attention to a number of specific criteria.
Service and opening a bank account in themost cases, the procedure is paid. Before making a decision should carefully examine the banks' rates. As a rule, the larger the pot, the less favorable rates it offers these financial institutions focused primarily on big business.
If you are IP, you have the opportunity tofreely dispose of their own money. Therefore it is better to open a current account in the bank where you have an account physical persons. Because of this you will be able to transfer money between accounts online for free.
It is essential to facilitate the work of any company canthe presence of "client-bank", which allows you to execute and send bills without leaving home. Own version of online banking is today almost every bank. It is necessary to appreciate its convenience and safety (security) based on the demo version or user reviews. Some banks charge a monthly fee for the use and installation of internet banking, the other - providing the possibility of free use.

If you have a large turnover is expected with a single counterparty, to improve the efficiency of calculations with it is to open a current account at the same bank.

Another important question - how much is conducting a payment order, because the active circulation, can form a very decent amount.
Periodically, almost every companyIt is in need of cash. Therefore, when analyzing the tariffs should pay attention to the cost of the withdrawal of money from the account, for example, through a checkbook or a plastic card. It should also specify the cost for depositing money into the company account.

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