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Which bank is more profitable and safer to open a deposit

Which bank is more profitable and safer to open a deposit

Frequent cases of revocation of licenses banks do issue the correct choice of the financial institution for deposit opening is particularly relevant.

Ideally, the bank must be reliable and stable, as well as to ensure high returns.

How to choose a bank

The first thing to do - to choose a reliablebank, and only then - the most profitable deposit of its product line. When choosing a bank is important to consider that he was a member of the deposit insurance system. Before entering into the system, banks are severely tested by the Central Bank. Even in the case of revocation of the license of the bank-participant of the deposit insurance system, the investor is compensated 100% of the contribution in the amount of 700 thousand rubles. All banks participating in the deposit insurance system are presented on site Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA). It is to place funds in several banks to minimize risks.
As a rule, banks are not reliable stableThey differ too high bank interest. Ultra High percentages of 12-13% per annum should alert depositors. This is probably indicative of the liquidity problems in the credit institution. Before you decide on a bank should consider the average value of interest rates on deposits. This information can be found on the website of the CBR. In his recommendations, the deposit rates should not deviate from the arithmetic mean level of 1.5%.
It is also necessary to analyze the financial statements of the bank and the dynamics of its key performance indicators.

Data on banks (ratings, financial reporting) are available in the public domain - on the CBR website or the bank itself.

It is necessary to take into account the reputation of the bank, to explorereviews of it on the part of his clients, as well as look for the presence of the feedback from the employees of the bank and to evaluate the efficiency of solving the problems of investors.
When choosing a bank should not only considerordinary customer reviews, ratings and created by professional agencies. In particular, very popular these rating agencies as "Rus-Rating" and "Expert".
One can not but take into account the experience of the financialorganization in the market. In favor of the bank's stability is evidenced by the fact how easily the company was able to survive the crisis. Large banks are also distinguished by an extensive branch network, its presence further demonstrates the financial stability of the organization.

How to choose a profitable contribution

The yield on the deposit depends on the interest rate on it, but we must not forget about the taxation of high interest rates.

If the interest rate on the deposit above the CBR refinancing rate at 5%, on this contribution income is taxed at a rate of 35%.

The most advantageous from the standpoint of interest ratesopen savings deposits, which do not involve the removal or insertion of cash during the term of the deposit. Followed by savings deposits, which give investors the opportunity to dovnosit funds to the account, thereby increasing the profitability of the deposit.
In third place are the estimated contributions rate on them on average 1.5% lower than cumulative. But the operation is available to the depositor to deposit and withdraw funds.
Higher yields with guaranteed depositscapitalization of interest. They are suitable for those investors who do not plan to take interest. The capitalization will be carried out more frequently, the higher the profit is guaranteed.

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