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Which bank gives money to low-interest

Which bank gives money to low-interest

When choosing a bank for a loan, potential clients are guided primarily by the interest rate, since pay extra rubles no one wants.

Give the money borrowed is ready to almost every bank, but the conditions all vary considerably.

Which bank to choose

Low interest rates on loans can affordOnly large, financially stable banks. These include, for example, Sberbank of Russia, Gazprombank, VTB 24. These organizations offer the lowest rates on all types of lending: mortgages, consumer loans, auto loans and other species.
The leader in lending in Russia isSberbank of Russia. This bank offers a wide variety of products and conditions. If the person is a participant of the salary project, ie its earnings organization-employer transfers to the Savings Bank card, for registration of the loan need only a passport and map. It is very convenient, the bank sees all income employee, which is the main proof of the reliability of the client.

In the absence of a salary card, it is necessary to collect more extensive list of documents, at least - a copy of employment record and proof of earnings under the form 2-PIT.

Features of the formation of the interest rate on the loan

As a rule, the exact rate, which offerBank, is impossible to know in advance. The promotions and brochures indicate the range "from and to" the minimum figure is rather formal zazyvno character. The lowest rate is rarely anyone approve as wind on her hundredth parts for various items.

When you make a loan agreement carefully study the conditions for it to read the entire document. Even the information that is written in small print.

Often for low stakes hide additional terms in the form of commissions, no possibility of early repayment and other unfavorable factors for the borrower.
If the organization in which you work,lists your wages by bank card, then first of all advantageous to apply for a loan in the servicing bank. Try to reduce the percentage of the loan is also possible in certain cases.
Favorite Bank
Apply for rate reduction is possible inIf you are already a customer of the bank, to which you have applied for credit. If the bank you use its other products: deposits, deposits, bank cards, the credit institution may show loyalty to you and to reduce lending rates.
Credit history
It would be great if you have a goodcredit history. There is a single database, which make unfair payers and debtors. When making a loan the borrower's checking on this basis. If there were problems, the low rate should not count with the previous loans.
Apply for reduction of interest can be inIf you belong to the privileged category of citizens. For example, a young family or a budding entrepreneur can get the money in on the special offers of credit debt.
The more personal documents will be provided to the bank, the more likely the reduced rate. A major role is played by the documents for the right to property, which can be transferred to bail.

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