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Which animal on the planet is the most toxic

Which animal on the planet is the most toxic

A man proudly calls himself the crown of nature.

Perhaps this is the case, and so in terms of intelligence.

However, in the case of self-defense people - the most vulnerable being.

What can be said about some of the representatives of the animal world.

Four dangerous creatures

Guinness World Records is constantly updatednew human accomplishments. However, five of the most poisonous animals of the planet remains unchanged. Scientists have studied the poison savannah dwellers, lakes, oceans, jungles and other places to find out from whom one should stay away.
Fifth place was occupied by a small brightfrog poison dart frogs. These people of South and Central America were hiding in the woods, waiting for curious nature lovers. Spectacular frog may have very different color: sapphire black, golden, yellow, maroon, scarlet, etc. However, this beauty is very destructive:. A cold-blooded poison easily cope with 10 people.

In this case, bright color - the first sign of a dangerous animal. Previously, it was the poison dart frogs natives used to make their deadly arrows.

In fourth place is the AustralianTaipan snake. Its venom is neurotoxic: it binds muscles, paralyzing the internal organs. Death occurs within 45 minutes. Venom from a single bite is enough for 100 people. However, there are two advantages: Antidote produced and Taipan is very timid. Sensing danger, the snake prefers to disappear.
Third place was taken scorpion Leyurus scientists,dwells in the Middle East and North Africa. Poison animal is a searing mix of neuroleptics, which, once in the blood, gradually killing stung. First, there is a wild pain, then - comatose fever, which develops into convulsions. After them there is paralysis and death.
In second place settled king cobra,residing in Asian forests. Honorary line snake got rating because of the huge amount of venom that it can allocate. Adult elephant one bite kills three hours. Man - in a much shorter period of time. The only plus: cobra rarely attack first, and for a long time alerts to disturb her man.

Who in the world is the poison?

The first place most poisonous creatures of the planetgiven jellyfish, whose second name "sea wasp". This animal is recorded in the Guinness Book of Records, because able to kill a man over a time period of 1 to 3 minutes. At the same time the scope of the deadly tentacles very broad: the animal can bite at a time, about 60 people in a radius of 8 meters.

Sea wasp lives in the ocean waters off thethe coast of northern Australia, is sometimes found in South Asia regions. In the water, the animal almost indistinguishable. The only protected by her terrible poison creature - the sea turtle.

Jellyfish poison acts quickly and irreversibly. It is extremely toxic, lightning attacks the nervous system and the heart muscle. Antidote exists, but it is practically impossible to use. Stung people mostly drowned by a painful shock or died of a broken heart. There are only a few survivors, who noted the painful consequences of even a few weeks after the bite.

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