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Which animal is most dangerous to humans

Which animal is most dangerous to humans

The natural world holds many dangers for humans.

Some creatures are virtually indistinguishable and undistinguished, others - more people in a few times.

In many situations, only prudent behavior can help save lives and health.

The big danger fauna

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Create a list of the most hazardousHuman beings are very difficult. Manifestations of aggression in the animal world occur spontaneously, for many victims do not become known. Therefore, experts distinguish the circle of people around the world, from which man is better to stay away.
Try not to deal with crocodiles. Scientists estimate showed that each year of the teeth of a predator kills more people than all other animals. However, the degree of danger to a large extent depends on the type of reptile. Most prone to attacks representative estuarine species. But from the Nile are a danger only to those who live in the lower reaches of the river. They can long pursue a human on land grab and drag in the water.

In Australia, the monthly crocodiles attack humans. But in Costa Rica, the local population considers safe reptiles and even feeds them as stray cats and dogs in other countries.

One should avoid encounters with bears. It is not always attack the brown forest resident will be connected to the offspring protection or fear: some mammals of the species are cannibals. However, experts point out that this is not characteristic of the most dangerous kind of predator - the polar bear. When a person is detected as soon as possible, he tries to hide from view.
It is very dangerous to humans and rhinos. These animals have poor eyesight, so instantly pounce on anyone who moves in their way. At the same time the extent of your aggressiveness is not important for the rhino. Note: from this animal is impossible to escape.
Keep person should be away from the large andcats. Lions, tigers, leopards rarely attack without provocation. However, scientists note that if before a representative of the cat family tasted human flesh, he, in most cases, becomes a cannibal.

Deadly danger is small in size

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Insects - the most dangerous to humansanimals. In this category, with a considerable gap in the lead mosquitoes. They are carriers of dangerous parasites are contained in their saliva. Differ mosquitoes mosquito color: yellow or gray-brown. From severe infections killed about 3 million people a year.

Mosquito breeding need a little: only standing water. Suit ponds, puddles or bottles. The only country where this danger with being a serious struggle, is Singapore.

Mortal danger and some arespiders. For example, the Brazilian wandering, is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the most toxic. Also, death awaits those who dare to explore the black widow and a South American tarantula. A fellow African latter can kill even without being present in person: woven web is highly toxic.
Dangerous to humans and marine life. It is better to stay away from the sponges, stars, corals, sea urchins. But the most dangerous creature in the category of researchers consider the sea wasp - a poisonous jellyfish, common in Australian shores. At one point, it may "send to the light" 60 people. Fishermen, this beautiful word, ever get rid of the "marked" her networks.

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