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Is the end of the world WAITING

Wait for the end of the world if

Talking about the coming end of the world do not cease.

Despite the fact that people have gone through a lot of dates, declared "end of the world", the appearance of each new period of great interest and much controversy.

In history there have been many periods when mostactively been talk about the end of the world. The most clear expectation of the end felt when committed turning points in history: reform, revolution, war, and so on. These sentiments may occur both within a country and at a global scale.

What makes people expect doomsday

On assurances of scientists, the end of the world can notfear about another 5 billion years. However, with the advent of each new version of the apocalypse are a lot of people with a specific time, who believe that this and only this date is the only correct one. And every once apocalypse that never took place, leaves the question open.
But further, the stronger theapocalyptic mood. Thus, for example, called for the closest, the most likely time for a global catastrophe - a 2020-2040 years. Named and several possible reasons. It is likely that at this time will be developed the technology over which mankind may accidentally lose control. Maybe it's not over mass deaths, but people can degrade or become dependent on an alien intelligence.

The probability of doomsday in this time period, researchers believe global risk for 50%.

Another reason - the environment. Earlier on how polluted the environment, mentioned only in the circles of individual enthusiasts, but today it belongs to the much more widely discussed the problems. Mention may be made, and an increased level of social tension. Does not add confidence in the future and religious intransigence, which often provokes a war, and therefore a more thorough approach to the development of a new generation of weapons.

When can we expect the end of the world

The very theme of the end of the world mystics there, but therethe real threat to humanity. Let's not particularly high risk of being killed by an asteroid. But it is quite possible nuclear disaster. One possible scenario is based on a large hydrogen bomb, in which the shell is made of cobalt-59. This bomb is called "Doomsday Machine". While there is no evidence that those weapons to someone already managed to create, but it is theoretically possible.

Call and other possible causes of the end of the world: global warming, the change of the magnetic poles of the Earth, volcanic eruptions.

The main risks are considered to be related to the development ofnanotechnology, artificial intelligence, biological weapons. Huge opportunities biological technologies - they may even be manipulated in minilabs - they say, "at home".
Among the possible end of the world date referred to are:
2021 - it is expected that there is a change of the magnetic poles of the Earth.
2036 - in the Earth asteroid Apophis could crash.
2060 - The Apocalypse, designed by Isaac Newton.
2280 - this date found in the Qur'an, one of his researchers.
3797 year - Nostradamus have this date in one of his letters.

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