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Whether to go to Greece in 2015?

whether to go to Greece

Due to the financial collapse, many tourists are wondering whether to go to Greece on holiday, and whether the country is now in danger.

Excellent climate, azure Aegean Sea and the warm hospitality - this is what is still waiting for the travelers in this sunny state.

The political and economic crisis in Greececoupled with the shocking news media turned this piece of paradise in one of the toughest choices for vacation planning in 2015. Through word of mouth and social media created a kind of sensation as a result of which the tourists can observe the terrible pictures of the once cheerful and sunny country. However, it is terrible reality, and whether it is possible to go to Greece this season?

According to local people, who have long lived abroad, go to Greece, not only is not dangerous, but still profitable. The popular resorts of the country are still withgenuine hospitality are hosting. Travelers meets gorgeous climate and fascinating cuisine of the Mediterranean coast, are complete with the low prices of package tours make Greece one of the most profitable areas in 2015.

Right now, tour operators are trying to implement all its programs, offering latest offerings at very reasonable prices. Because of the local population crisis everIt needs the money, so the Greeks are glad to each visitor and try to offer the best quality service. In addition, the country is still open for business and can offer attractive investment options in the background of unstable situation in the financial market.

Rumors about the problems with the issuance of cash ATMs in Greece proved to be false. For foreign tourists who do not have accounts in Greek banks, There are no limits on withdrawals. In any case it is always possible to bring cash witha. In addition, most of the hotels and restaurants accept credit cards for payment. Resorts is still overcrowded with tourists happy and in local coffee shops and taverns there is no release from the visitors. Fans of independent travel can move freely around the country on buses, ferries and rental cars, because fuel deficit in Greece is not observed.

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