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Do fat burners with ephedrine ALLOWED

Whether to allow the fat burners with ephedrine

Weight loss - special preparations to help in a fairly short period of time to reduce the amount of body fat.

They are popular among athletes and among ordinary people who want to lose weight easily.

Otgremeli New Year holidays, and outside allspring comes faster and the heat comes. Already, many women and men rushed to the sports clubs in order to prepare your body for beach season. As you know, the sport - a great way to lose weight and make your body curvy lines. However, for such a short time it is not always possible to achieve the desired results. And here to help in the fight against excess weight come special tablets - fat burners.

Classification of fat burners

Weight loss products on the mind of its influence are dividedon the thermogenic and lipotropics. Thermogenic effect on an organism by increasing body temperature by 0.5-2 degrees. Thus, in the body there is a need for increased consumption of calories he gets through the splitting of the existing fat.
Lipotropics are essentially fat burner is not - they inhibit fat synthesis in the liver and adipose tissue increase up to the decomposition of fatty acids.

The main active ingredients of fat burners

Caffeine. Actively working on the nervous system stimulant, caffeine helps speed up the metabolism, reduce the feeling of fatigue. However, it increases the heart rate and sweating.

Increased pressure can be dangerous for people suffering from hypertension.

Guarana. Guarana is a natural source of caffeine. It gives energy, increases productivity and concentration, and increases the speed of fat digestion.
L-carnitine. It is a good fat-burning component for women. It accelerates fat metabolism and lowers cholesterol levels.

Caffeine, guarana and L-carnitine is part of the energy drinks.

Sibutramine. A drug used to treat obesity, very good appetite suppressant. It is a part of such drugs as "Meridia", "Reduxine". It has a large number of contraindications, and therefore prohibited for free sale.
Ephedrine. Improves the speed of fat burning, suppresses the appetite and speeds up metabolism. Despite the fact that this component is not an anabolic steroid, its use is prohibited in Russia.

Whether to allow the fat burners with ephedrine?

The answer is simple - no. After all, the main active ingredient of the drug is outdated, it is not considered safe and is forbidden not only in Russia but also in several other countries. Some athletes are actively preparing for the competition, the use of ephedrine considered the most effective way to lose weight quickly. They have to get it through suppliers, specializing in the procurement of prohibited drugs Russia and smuggled across the border. The problem is that this method is illegal and is quite a lot of money.

In any case, no matter how fat burner you mayhave chosen for themselves, the prior consent of his appointment with the doctor, because each drug has a long, and sometimes a very long list of contraindications. Take they should be in strict accordance with the instructions, some tablets are not recommended to take together. Anyone who is trying to lose weight, I want to lose weight quickly and effectively. But we should not forget that not abiding by the rules and contraindications, you can achieve the sad consequences.

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