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Are there any perfume scent with book

A man who loves literature, can be present not only the next replenishment of its home library. There are spirits that imitate the smell of book pages.

This unusual flavor will be a great asset to the bibliophile.

fragrances Library

Demeter Fragrance Library - famous brandmonoaromatov come from the United States. "Demeter" is popular all over the world - no one better than them does not know how much exactly transmit smells a variety of objects and phenomena, from the gum to the forest after the rain. There is a collection of Demeter Fragrance and flavors at all strange, for example, the smell of the funeral home, wiper, earthworms, baby powder or ground. No matter how times may seem strange inscriptions on the bottles, inside you will discover exactly what was provided: vanilla pastries and sunbeams. For booksellers at the "Demeter" is a special flavor - perfume "Book Binding". Perfumers blended the smell of quality leather binding, old, already read out the pages and added a fraction of the library dust. If you wanted to check out how a passion, and as luck would have at hand was not anything interesting, feel free to open a little, like a pharmaceutical vial bottle and inhale the smell of a book.

The brand is proud of the fact that their products are natural and 95% not tested on animals.

Products Demeter Fragrance Library as wellso that you can safely mix the smells, creating its own history. Apply a few drops on yourself "book binding" and add "the garden after the rain", then you will find yourself in the village with my grandmother sitting on a windowsill at the open window, inhaling the scents of the garden refreshed after a shower and holding a book, found in the attic. Add a few drops of bookish smell "spiced tea" and you will have your own bookcase in your favorite chair with a blanket in the legs and a cup of hot drink on the coffee table. Those looking for something unusual, are blending flavors, read a book, for example, sitting in the stable.

At Demeter has about 200 scents and constantly create new ones. Combining several odors, you can travel with your favorite book without leaving the room.

Paper Passion

In the famous Karl Lagerfeld also have somethingplease bibliophiles. It has already had time to become famous perfume Paper Passion. In contrast to the production of "Demeter", it smells fresh, just bought a book that happened to create by mixing several components of wood and ethyl linoleate. Packaging these spirits deserves special attention. Bottle Paper Passion is hidden in a box, made in the form of a book. She even has a real page which contains reviews on the flavor of celebrities from the world of fashion, including, and Mr. Lagerfeld.

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