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Do perfume with a book odor exist?


Are there perfume with a book odor</a>

A person who loves literature, you can present not only the regular replenishment of his home library. There are perfumes that mimic the smell of book pages.

This unusual aroma will be an excellent purchase for the book lover.

Library of fragrances

Demeter Fragrance Library - famous brandMono-aromatics come from the USA. "Demeter" is popular all over the world - no one better than them can accurately transmit the smells of a variety of objects and phenomena, from chewing gum to the forest after the rain. There are also strange aromas in the Demeter Fragrance collection, for example, the smell of a funeral home, windshield wiper, earthworms, baby powder or earth. No matter how strange the inscriptions on the bottles might seem, inside you will find exactly what was provided: vanilla buns or sunbeams. For second-hand booksellers, "Demeter" has a special flavor - perfume "Bookbinder". Perfumery mixed the smell of quality leather binding, old, already read pages, and added a fraction of the library dust. If you want to read the passion, but there was nothing interesting at hand as luck would have it, boldly open a small, bottle-like bottle and inhale the book smell.

The brand is proud that their products are natural 95% and not tested on animals.

The Demeter Fragrance Library products are also goodThe fact that you can safely mix smells, creating your own story. Apply a few drops of the "book cover" and add a "garden after the rain", then you will find yourself in the village at the grandmother, sitting on the windowsill at the open window, breathing in the smells of the garden that has renewed after the rain and holding the book found in the attic. Add to the book smell a couple drops of "spicy tea" and you will find yourself at your own bookcase in your favorite armchair with a rug at your feet and a cup of hot drink on the coffee table. Those who are looking for something unusual, can, mixing flavors, read a book, for example, sitting in a stable.

Demeter has about 200 flavors and constantly creates new ones. By combining several smells, you can travel with your favorite book without leaving the room.

Paper Passion

The famous Karl Lagerfeld also has, thanTo please the bibliophiles. It has already become a well-known perfume Paper Passion. Unlike Demeter, it smells fresh, just bought a book, which it was possible to create by mixing several wood components and ethyl linoleate. The packaging of these spirits deserves special attention. The Paper Passion bottle is hidden in a box made in the form of a book. She even has real pages that contain reviews about the scent of celebrities from the fashion world, including Mr. Lagerfeld.

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