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Whether the dollar will fall due to the default of the US

Whether the dollar will fall due to the default of the US

Over the past 6-8 months could be seen a gradual decline in the dollar's value. Last year, the US economy is close to default.

This year, the financiers are predicting a true default, because of which could further depreciate the dollar.

Information on impending default in the United States stronglydisturbed people who are held in US dollar currency deposits. Hoping to preserve their capital, investors are already starting to move their money into more stable currencies (the euro and the Russian ruble). Will the value of the dollar fall further? Will a default in the US?

expert opinion

Analysts and financiers about equallyThey were divided in their opinion about the dollar's depreciation. Some argue that this trend persists because of the crisis in the US economy, while others say that the fall in the dollar's value has nothing to do with the payment of the national debt of America. The first inclined to think of the imminent default, because the US can not pay off your debts. That is why the country faces the so-called technical default.

Most of the dollars, "walk" around the world, has not been confirmed gold reserves of the country. In fact it is plain paper, rather than currency.

Many people know that the United States has a hugethe national debt, which amount to $ 1.2 trillion - a little less than 1/10 of the total debt. If the size of the debt payments close to the optimum, the country offers huge financial problems. That is why during the year accurately dollar still will not grow and decline.

As default and fall of the dollar impact on the Russians

Oleksandr Savchenko (the rector of the InternationalInstitute of Business) is of the opinion that, despite the decrease in value of the dollar, dollar investors can get from this situation benefits. Experts believe that if a default occurs in the United States within a week, the first value of the dollar will grow. The global financial market will have to wait some time to solve this problem from the US. Also for the first time, the market will show a deficit of the dollar currency. But to sell or transfer investments in this period is not necessary. In the event that the problem is not resolved within 3-4 weeks, then it is followed by a sharp fall in the dollar. That is why you should carefully monitor the slightest changes in the financial market, as well as exchange rates. Otherwise, you can lose more than the purchase.

If you are concerned about the further destiny of your contributions, then now is the time to think about the transfer of savings into another currency. The most stable currency today is the euro.

Oleksandr Savchenko believes that the dollar's decline and default could result in influential US banks to this collapse - again and will reach completion situation, which occurred in the winter of last year.
Quite difficult to be skilled longforecasts. In short, we can say that the situation today in the global financial market is quite complicated. The fall of the dollar is actually a reflection of the instability of the US economy. That is why in the near future with the advent of defaulting dollar may fall sharply.

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